Well-Known Theatres in Pyongyang

Pyongyang Grand Theatre

Inaugurated in August Juche 49(1960)

Theatrical art works of different genres including the five revolutionary operas created and performed here by the Phibada Opera Troupe

The April Spring Friendship Art Festival and other international festivals held

East Pyongyang Grand Theatre

The great leader Kim Jong Il was present at the inaugural ceremony of the theatre in May Juche 78(1989).

At present, the Mansudae Art Troupe is creating and performing theatrical art works here in the theatre.

Works of the April Spring Friendship Art Festival are often performed on the stage of the theatre.

Moranbong Theatre

Built in Spring Juche 35(1946)

Rebuilt in April Juche 95(2006)

Important national meetings held and various art activities conducted here

International art activities including the First Pyongyang International Vocal Music Competition conducted

At present, Korean-style orchestral musical pieces and many other masterpieces created and performed by the National Symphony Orchestra

National Theatre

The great Kim Jong Il visited the newly-built theatre in October Juche 99(2010).

The National Theatrical Troupe created and performed the light comedy “An Echo among the Hills”, Kim Il Sung Prize Work Laureate, the drama “The Red Snow Is Falling” and many other works here in the theatre.

People’s Theatre

The great Kim Jong Il named the theatre.

It was inaugurated in April Juche 101(2012) under the wise guidance of the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Conspicuous is the 1,500-seat round live-sound theatre.

Samjiyon Theatre

Inaugurated as a modern live-sound theatre in October Juche 107(2018) under the concern and guidance of Kim Jong Un

The Samjiyon Orchestra demonstrates unique charm and might of the musical art of Juche in the theatre.

Pyongyang Circus

Inaugurated in May Juche 78(1989) in the presence of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il

Circus performances of different genres including general acrobatics, acrobatics under water and on ice and animal feats given with success

Here, the National Acrobatic Troupe has created and performed the aerial stunt “Flying Girls” awarded the highest prize at international circus festivals several times and many other acrobatic works and juggleries.