Well-known Folk Singer in Korea

The song on the air is sung by Merited Artiste Kim Il Hwang at the Mansudae Art Troupe of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea.

Listening to the song, Choe Jong Ok in Taebo-dong, Pothonggang District, Pyongyang, says:

“I love folk songs, songs sung by Kim Il Hwang in particular. His fluent and interesting songs make me dance in spite of myself. His songs have rich national flavour.”

Kim Il Hwang´s family is famous for three generations of singers. His grandfather Kim Jong Hwa earned fame as the main character of the Chinese opera “The Dream at the Red Mansion” created and performed in Korea in the 1960s. His father Kim Yong Ha was also a popular tenor singer. In his childhood, Kim Il Hwang would sing following his grandfather and father. His voice was the same with those of his grandfather and father as can be called hereditary inheritance. So people would say another folk singer was born into the singers´ family.

His talent began to develop through systematic musical education when he was nine years old. After finishing early vocal course, he studied at the conservatory and was trained as a talented singer with combination of national and modern vocalism. His fast developed vocalism distinguished itself during his career as a vocalist. Especially, he is good at singing folk songs. His typical songs are the “Song of Golden Mountain”, “Birds of Bumper Harvest Are Flying in”, “Changsong Today” and “Song of the Sea”.

O Yong Chol, Producer at the Mansudae Art Troupe, says:

“Nasalism is the main in Kim Il Hwang´s vocalism. His songs are characterized by charm combined with soft yet clear and beautiful timbre. His trill and rhythm are so natural that we producers often exclaim.”

The opera “The Dream at the Red Mansion” was created and performed in Korea again in Juche 99 or 2010 and Kim Il Hwang played the part of the main character. In May that year, he was highly praised in China for his natural and fluent songs with clear and attractive voice.

The great Kim Jong Il spoke highly of him as a smart singer as he sang well with his unique vocalism.

Kim Il Hwang says:

“Referring to me, people often say that a famous singer was born into a famous singers´ family. But my talent is not a mere hereditary one. As the grateful fatherland germinated and developed my small talent, I could become a folk singer loved by the people, I think.”