We Are Grateful for Our Healthcare System

It was early February when a 12-year-old boy and his mother from Wonsan of Kangwon Province arrived at the Okryu Children’s Hospital situated on Munsu Street, Taedonggang District in Pyongyang.

The boy was An Ryong Ju, an ordinary worker’s son, who was diagnosed through telemedicine system as having a cardiovascular disease and admitted to this specialist hospital for treatment.

The moment they stepped into the entrance hall, the boy looked cheerful and brisk as if to throw off his disease right away, but his mother could not shake herself free from anxiety lingered even after they consulted doctors of the cardiovascular surgical department on the third floor and went to a sickroom.

Only when she saw the inpatients in the room she began to feel relieved. There were a two-year-old child and a five-month-old baby, who were recuperating after heart surgery.

She learned afterward that the hospital’s surgical department staffed with young surgeons ranks as a leading team in the field of infantile cardiosurgery and conducts over 300 operations in one year. And witnessing the department doctors, including its head Ri Chol Jin, and nurses, nay, all other medical staff of the hospital putting all their heart and soul into treatment, she was deeply moved by their sincere devotion to bring back laughter to little children.

After successful operation, Ryong Ju was administered with a variety of health tonics and nourishment.

After nearly a month’s treatment, Ryong Ju was fully recovered and left the hospital. Leaving it, his mother said emotionally: “Now I am going home with my son fully recovered. I don’t know how much I am charged for his medical treatment, but I am well aware that we owe much to the hospital and its doctors.”