Warm Embrace of the Father


All children across the country are admiring respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, calling him our father and our Marshal. It is an artless call of the innocent children. It represents the honesty of the children who know better than others that respected Marshal Kim Jong Un loves them most.

On June 1, the International Children´s Day, respected Marshal Kim Jong Un visited the Pyongyang Orphanage. He had visited the orphanage some months before and shown all kinds of love to the children. He always cares about the parentless children. He wanted to see them on the International Children´s Day.

Saying he had come to see the children on June 1, the International Children´s Day, he asked how they were spending the day. He was pleased to hear the report that the children of the orphanage, who had received gifts sent by him, enjoyed themselves at the Mangyongdae Funfair, took noodles at the Okryu Restaurant and were spending the holiday as well as others, playing sports games amid the concern of officials and neighbours.

He entered the playroom.

The children, who were playing, threw themselves into his arms, calling him “Pa!”. Telling them not to hurry, or they may fall, he stroked the cheeks of the children and kindly asked them how they had enjoyed and if they had taken tasty foods. Asked by the father who loves the children most, they proudly answered, counting on their fingers, that they had taken tasty foods and played interesting games. And they sang, acting cutely.

With a bright smile on his face, as if picturing their rosy future to himself, he warmly said children´s loud laughter makes the whole country bright and called for letting the children grow happily without any sorrow of orphans.

That day he dropped in at the dining hall and asked the children having supper which food they liked and called for cooking various foods even with same foodstuff to meet the taste of the children.

He said it takes great effort to raise a child and the teachers of the orphanage were doing difficult work to raise many children. He called for bringing them up as famous scientists, sportspersons, artists, service persons and heroes.

Spending a long time with the children, Marshal Kim Jong Un kindly promised to meet them again at a newly built orphanage on June 1 next year. The children smiled brightly, feeling warm fatherly love in respected Marshal Kim Jong Un. The Korean children are really happy as they have the greatest and most benevolent Marshal Kim Jong Un as their father.