Visit to January 18 General Machine Plant

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Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army, gave field guidance to the January 18 General Machine Plant.

While visiting the remodelled plant in December last year, he set forth the task to develop and produce modern machines of Korean-style and took measures for doing so.

Enjoying a panoramic view of the plant, he said that it looked nicer than what he saw last year and its production processes have been updated to successfully develop and produce world-level machines in a short span of time. He was pleased to say that its huge remodelling project was difficult but it splendidly undertook the project with determination.

Every place of the plant is associated with footprints of President Kim Il Sung and ChairmanKim Jong Il, he noted, underscoring the need for its workers to intensify the drive for keeping the production going at a high rate with the pride and honour of working at the plant associated with immortal leadership exploits of the great leaders and the eldest son-like plant and pivot and core one in the nation’s machine-building industry.

He went round manufacturing, assembling and other processes of the plant to learn in detail about the production there and quality of machines.

Eye-opening changes unimaginable in the past have taken place in the production and management and operation of the plant as it was modernized as required by the trend of the industrial development in the 21st century, he noted, adding:

The plant has been put on a scientific, IT, automated and unmanned basis on a high level and a flexible manufacturing system established to cut down the production cycle and boost output while saving manpower as much as possible and register laudable successes in raising quality.

The performance of machines serially produced at the plant markedly improved as compared with that in the past, he said, noting with pleasure that they could match the products well known to the world in quality index.

He recalled that the plant developed and manufactured new type machines in cooperation with a relevant unit, stressing this is of great significance in developing the nation’s machine-building industry.

The longer he sees the machines, the dearer and more precious treasures they look like as they were designed and produced with indigenous wisdom and efforts, he said, adding that to produce modern Korean-style machines with indigenous efforts, technology and resources is an important work for preserving the national self-respect.

Saying he was pleased to hear the sound of machines running to boost production at the palace-like worksites updated at a high level, he highly praised the officials, scientists, technicians and workers of the plant for locally developing and producing world-level machines.

He set forth the tasks facing the plant, while underscoring the importance of its duty.

He visited the comprehensive welfare service facilities of the plant.

These comprehensive sports and welfare service facilities were built under the warm loving care ofKim Jong Un as he personally guided their layout and sent construction force for the project and took measures for supplying building materials for it.

He dropped in at a gym, swimming pool, dinning room, bath house, beauty salon and other places of the facilities to learn in detail about their operation.

They are splendid, indeed, and such facilities can be built in our country, the society for the workers, he said, adding that the officials and servants of the facilities should steadily improve service and management and operation so that the Party’s care may better reach the workers.

Calling on the workers of the plant to dash ahead at the speed of Mallima and bring about a great leap forward in producing ultra-modern machines urgently required by various sectors of the national economy, he gave instructions to serially produce the state-of-the-art machines newly manufactured by the plant and the militant tasks to be carried out by it in the future and personally took measures for doing so.

He was accompanied by Jo Yong Won, Yu Jin and Hong Yong Chil, vice department directors of the WPK Central Committee.