Visit to Korean April 26 Animation Studio


Kim Jong Un, First Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, First Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK and Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army, gave field guidance to the Korean April 26 Animation Studio.

He said he was visiting the studio to bring about a fresh turn in animation and, through it, put the film making in full progress as the movies play an important role in educating the people, establishing the stirring atmosphere in society and propelling the revolution and construction.

He first went to the room dedicated to the history of the studio. The studio, founded in September 1957 at the initiative of President Kim Il Sung and under his guidance, had developed into a leading animation producer under the energetic guidance and meticulous care of Chairman Kim Jong Il, he noted.

He said that the cartoon films produced at the studio are popular among not only children but people from different walks of life while gaining in popularity worldwide. He added that the people regard those films as their close companions in life and work.

Noting that the studio produced hundreds of cartoon films, including those adapted from stories told by Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, and ordered and joint cartoons on a worldwide scale, he highly praised its animators for having creditably discharged the noble mission they assumed before the Party and revolution.

He set forth important tasks after touring original picture atelier, background workroom, dubbing, recording, cutting and preview rooms and other places of the studio to learn in detail about the cartoon production.

He urged the studio to make a radical change in cartoon production by channeling big efforts into it true to the intention of the Party.

It is needed to produce interesting cartoons of diverse themes and styles suited to the children’s age and mental qualities and the Korean people’s thoughts and feelings, he said, stressing that the creators should make a deep study of life and get intent on inquiry and speculation to produce more cartoons favored by the people.

He stressed the need to make many cartoons on historical records so as to help youngsters and students and working people know well about the long history, brilliant culture and excellent traditions of the Korean nation.

“The Boy General”, a cartoon film in 50 parts produced by the studio, had won a great popularity, he said, adding that the children and other people in the country would be very glad to see it develop into a 100-part cartoon.

In order to produce successful cartoons, it is important to pick out right seed and theme, deviating from repetition and formalism, and construct the plot in an interesting way, he said.

He contended that it is necessary to reject in animation such tendency as amusing light and naturalism contrary to the Workers’ Party of Korea’s policy of art and literature and establish the political principles based on the view of Juche.

Underlining the need to put the modernization, scientization, computerization and digitalization of the studio on a higher level, he took benevolent measures for it.

The DPRK’s animation startles the world people for its originality, appeal, high level of depiction and rapid production speed, and its animators advanced into the world animation field from long ago, fully displaying the country’s developed cartoon production technology with their distinguished skills, the supreme leader said, calling upon them to turn the DPRK into a leading animation producer of the world with high ambition.