[VIDEO] Youth, Students in DPRK Hold Dancing Parties

Youth and students across the DPRK held dancing parties Sunday in celebration of the 64th anniversary of the DPRK. The dancing venues in Pyongyang included the plazas of the Arch of Triumph, Party Founding Memorial Tower and the April 25 House of Culture. They were full of youth and students who gathered to celebrate the auspicious day with great pride and self-confidence of opening the new era of prosperity under the leadership of the dear respected Kim Jong Un.

The dancing parties began with the song “My Country Is the Eternal Country of the Leader”. Songs like “Fly Our Tricolor National Flag of the Republic” and “My Country Is So Nice” helped them recollect with deep emotion the President’s feats in founding the country.

They danced to the tune of songs “Let’s Sing of General Dear to People”, “Our Father Marshal Kim Jong Il” and others with respect for the Generalissimo Kim Jong Il.

The atmosphere was elated as “The Pride of Youth”, “Campfire, Flare Up”, “Break through the Cutting Edge”, “Let Us Meet at the Front” and other songs full of spirit of youth blared.

The dancers showed their pride of leading a worthwhile life in the socialist country led by Marshal Kim Jong Un as members of vanguard and shock brigade in building a thriving nation, dancing to the tune of such songs as “Our Beloved Leader” and “Socialism Is Ours”

The dancing parties reflected the warm admiration of the young people for Marshal Kim Jong Un, who got them to splendidly enjoy the first Youth Day in another 100-years of Juche era and put them forward as a scouting party of the revolution.

Similar events were held at several places across the country including Sinuiju, Wonsan and Hamhung.