The Victory of the Korean People

July 27 is the significant day when the Korean people won victory in the three-year Fatherland Liberation War against the invasion of the US imperialists in the early 1950s. The war was a stern confrontation unprecedented in the world history of wars in view of balance of forces and arms and equipment. It was a confrontation between the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea which was less than two years after its foundation and the world´s would-be “strongest” US imperialists. The world watched the destiny of Korea. But the result of the war was beyond imagination, which involved huge aggressive armed forces including troops of the US imperialists and their 15 satellite countries and the south Korean puppet army. The Korean people threw the US imperialists into a bottomless abyss with original military tactics under the leadership of the great Kim Il Sung. During the three-year war the US imperialists lost almost 2.3 times as many troops and combat equipment as in the four-year Pacific War during the Second World War.

The Fatherland Liberation War was concluded on July 27, Juche 42 or 1953 with a brilliant victory of the Korean people. Since then, the US imperialists went downhill, registering only repeated defeats in Korea.

The US armed spy ship “Pueblo” which had intruded into the territorial waters of Korea was captured by the navy of the Korean People´s Army in the late 1960s. The US imperialists, crying that the captured ship was in the open sea, blared that they would trigger off a war if the DPRK does not apologize and send it back. They amassed huge aggressive armed forces on the Korean peninsula and threatened the DPRK with arms. The Korean people, under the leadership of the great Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, took a resolute stand that they would answer the retaliation of the US imperialists with retaliation and their total war with total war. The US imperialists had to bring themselves to their knees and make an apology to the Korean people again.

Afterwards, too, the US imperialists intruded into the territorial air of the DPRK several times, but faced serious defeats. Far from drawing a lesson from their repeated defeats, they forced the DPRK to accept nuclear inspection in the 1990s under the pretext of its fictitious nuclear issue. The government of the DPRK considered it to be aggression of a sovereign state and declared a semi-war state across the country, terrifying the US imperialists again. The Korean people under the wise leadership of the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il always won victory in the confrontation with the United States professing itself to be sole superpower in the world.

The proud history of victory of the Korean people will continue forever thanks to respected Kim Jong Un who is defending the destiny of the country and people with Songun or army-first policy, carrying forward the idea and intention of the great Generalissimos.

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