Victory Day, July 27th

The army and people of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea defeated the world´s would-be “strongest” US imperialists and other invaders in the three-year Fatherland Liberation War and won a brilliant victory on July 27 61 years ago.

Kim Un Hui, lecturer of the Jonsung Revolution Museum, has this to say:

“On June 25, Juche 39 or 1950, the US imperialist aggressors made a sudden invasion upon the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea. A grave situation was created, compelling the Korean people either to remain an independent people with sovereignty or to repeat the bitter past as colonial slaves of the imperialists. The war was a severe political and military confrontation between the DPRK which was less than two years after its foundation, and the US imperialists boasting of their history of aggression spanning one hundred and scores of years and numerical and technical superiority, troops of their 15 satellite states, the south Korean puppets and the Japanese militarists.”

The great leader Kim Il Sung immediately presented a strategic line of the first stage of war on resolutely frustrating the invasion of the enemy and going over to prompt counterattack. The following day he made a historic radio address calling upon the whole party, all the army and the entire people to turn out in the sacred fight to sweep away the US imperialists and their stooges from Korea. And he put forward correct strategic and tactical lines at each stage of the war and created diverse war methods for their implementation so that brilliant victory could be won everywhere.

During the war Kim Il Sung presented a lot of strategies, tactics and war methods including an immediate and all-out counterattack against the enemy´s sudden invasion, consecutive strikes, formation of the second front by a large unit in the rear of the enemy, encircling operations through cooperation of the main front and the second front and active position defense by tunnel warfare. They were completely new and original ones which could not be found in the history of modern wars and in any military books.

During the hard-fought war Kim Il Sung visited more than 1,000 units traveling over 20,480 kilometers and put forward outstanding strategy and tactics with his unusual military wisdom and roused the service personnel of the People´s Army and people to victory in the sacred war. The enemy repeatedly suffered bitter defeats. On July 27, Juche 42 or 1953 the world´s would-be “strongest” US imperialists knelt down before the Korean people and signed an instrument of surrender.

The brilliant victory in the three-year hard-fought Fatherland Liberation War was a victory of the outstanding idea, strategy and tactics of the great leader Kim Il Sung who set the Supreme Command on the forefront and called on fighting soldiers on the front and people in the rear and led them to victory.

The great Kim Jong Il won victory after victory in the tireless confrontation with the US imperialists with the might of Songun or army-first politics for more than half a century, so that the history and tradition of victory could shine century after century. With the sense of mission of national defense he called at the posts on the forefront where the service personnel of the People´s Army were, including the Chol Pass, Mt. Osong, Cho Islet and Phanmunjom. Thanks to him, the Korean People´s Army was strengthened into invincible revolutionary armed forces and the defense industry of Korea developed into an independent modern one and Korea demonstrated its might as a military power no enemy dares to challenge.

Respected Kim Jong Un has given energetic guidance to honor the exploits of victory of the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il who brought about the Victory Day July 27 and saved the destiny of the nation again and provided the country and people with prospering today and bright future. He ensured that the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum was built anew into a great edifice which intensively shows the achievements made by the great Generalissimos for the victory in the war and in the Songun revolution and the heroic fighting spirit and feats of the Korean army and people. He saw that the rising generations have a deep understanding of the Juche-based military idea, anti-imperialist revolutionary idea and outstanding commanding art of the great Generalissimos and carry forward the valuable fighting spirit and soul of the forerunners.

Besides, respected Marshal Kim Jong Un has made a ceaseless inspection of units of the People´s Army and ushered in a new heyday in defending the socialist fatherland. He continued inspection of the front including the post of Kkachil Peak on Mt. Osong with the enemy´s position within a hailing distance, dangerous sea route to Jangjae and Mu Islands he had to go ploughing waves aboard a small wooden ship and the Phanmunjom post at the hottest spot. He crosses even a rugged pass and a deep river, exposed to snowstorm and rain, to call on the beloved soldiers.

Looking up to him, all the army and people heartily feel a great pride and honour of having the great Songun commander Kim Jong Un as the Supreme Commander. Socialist Korea wins only victory on the noble footprints of Kim Jong Un decorated with love and trust.

Victory of Korea will be eternal thanks to the Victory Day July 27.

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