Victorious Feats in the War

The victory day July 27! More than half a century has passed since the Korean army and people won a historic victory in the three-year sacred fierce anti-US war in the 50s of the last century. More than 60 years ago on July 27 the world´s would-be “strongest” US imperialists knelt down before the heroic Korean people. It was a result of the wise guidance of the great leader Generalissimo Kim Il Sung, gifted military strategist and ever-victorious, iron-willed brilliant commander with unusual wisdom and strategy, unshakable confidence and courage and outstanding commanding art.

More than 60 years ago a total war was fought between the young Democratic People´s Republic of Korea which was only five years after liberation and less than two years after foundation and the world´s would-be “strongest” US imperialists, the ringleader of imperialism and chieftain of aggression and war. It was too unbalanced war beyond human imagination. On the day the US imperialists provoked the war, the great leader Kim Il Sung gave an order to the units of the People´s Army to smash the sudden armed invasion of the enemy with immediate counterattack, saying:

“The Yankees look down upon the Koreans. As the wolf should be beaten with club, we should show the mettle of Koreans to them who misunderstand the Koreans.”

The heroic soldiers of the People´s Army advanced like angry waves and achieved brilliant results in battles.

They liberated the enemy´s stronghold Seoul three days after the war started and more than 90 percent of the total area of the south and over 92 percent of its population in a little over one month.

Concerning such miraculous victory of the Korean People´s Army, many world people who were watching fighting Korea expressed admiration, saying the strategy of Kim Il Sung is superb and his brilliant strategy is really mysterious. Many similar instances were witnessed during the war.

One of them is the battle on T-shaped height, a so-called “model battle” which was organized so meticulously by the US imperialists as a prelude to their “new offensives”, but ended in their defeat in an instant. One early morning in January Juche 42 or 1953 the US imperialists started attack on the height. That day they invited ministers and consuls of their satellite countries and “UN Forces” war correspondents to the height, to see how they were “defeating the communist army”.

When the “visitors” were watching the attack, a powerful gunfire of the People´s Army was concentrated on the attacking US imperialists. A lot of enemy tanks and armored cars were destroyed and enemy troops fell en masse in an instant. The result of the battle had already been decided thanks to the outstanding commanding art of Kim Il Sung who had seen through the wicked attempt of the enemy in time. The US imperialists finding themselves in dilemma had to give up their attempt for “new offensives”. Kim Il Sung unfolded new operations to deal a decisive blow at the US imperialist aggressors in the spirit of having foiled their attempt for “new offensives” and thus tighten their neck. He ordered the units of the People´s Army to take the enemy´s heights in succession and put a large number of the enemy effectives out of action. On his order the soldiers of the People´s Army dealt a merciless blow at the US imperialist aggressors with consecutive counterattacks in high fighting spirit. Especially the powerful strike of the People´s Army which took Height 351 vaunted by them as an “impregnable fortress” only in 15 minutes stunned the trigger-happy US imperialists. Units of the People´s Army continued to advance southward, defeating the enemy. The US imperialists learned, though belatedly, that continued war in Korea would precipitate their total ruin. As they could no longer pin their hopes on anything nor think of their face of “big power”, they came out to negotiations, knelt down before the Korean people and signed an armistice agreement.

The Fatherland Liberation War ruthlessly broke the myth of the “invincible United States” and brought about the beginning of decline for the US imperialists. The great victory in the war was that of the outstanding leadership of Kim Il Sung gifted with iron will not shaken under any stresses and storms, unparalleled courage, uncommon military strategy and commanding art.

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