Ushering in a Golden Age of Juche-oriented Art and Literature

Greeting with boundless yearning and the greatest respect the Day of the Shining Star (February 16, birthday of Chairman Kim Jong Il), the Korean people are looking back upon the leadership exploits Chairman Kim Jong Il performed in ushering in the golden age of Juche-oriented art and literature.

Art and literature are created and develop continuously along with social development.

In the late 1960s Kim Jong Il advanced a unique line of developing Juche-oriented art and literature in the era of independence with his extraordinary wisdom and outstanding leadership, and wisely led the efforts for its implementation.

By making public such works as On Juche Literature, On the Art of the Cinema, On the Art of Opera, On the Art of Drama, On the Art of Music, On Fine Art, On the Art of Dance, On Acrobatics and others, he explained profound and unique ideas and theories on art and literature, including the theory on the Juche-oriented humanics, idea of the seed of literary and artistic works, and idea of speed campaign in literary and artistic creation. He also established the socialist and revolutionary systems of conducting creative work and guiding it.

Under his outstanding and meticulous guidance immortal classic works produced by President Kim Il Sung during the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, including The Sea of Blood, The Fate of a Self-Defence Corps Man and The Flower Girl, were adapted to the screen in a few years. On the basis of the success gained in the creative work a lot of masterpieces that inspired the entire people were produced, a new era of the Sea of Blood-style revolutionary operas and the Mountain Shrine-style revolutionary dramas was opened up, and a fresh turn was effected in all other branches of art and literature, including literature, cinema, music, dance, fine art and acrobatics.

It was a tremendous change in all fields and realms of art and literature to do away with outdated things and create a fresh, revolutionary socialist art and literature based on the Juche idea, as well as a great revolution that raised the Korean art and literature to the highest level.

Kim Jong Il led the efforts to organize the April 15 Literary Production Company, Phibada Opera Troupe, Mansudae Art Troupe, Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble and other relevant institutions at the highest level. He inspired the creative workers and artists with warm comradely trust and affection, thus training them as competent personnel to promote the development of Juche-oriented art and literature.

Busy as he was with overall affairs of the Party and the state, he frequently visited the creative workers and artists to acquaint himself with their work and life and encourage them to carry out their assignments with credit. Under his meticulous care the Korean art and literature could fulfil its honourable mission of leading the times and the people.

Performance of the State Merited Chorus, a model unit in creating the revolutionary art and literature to inspire the entire people to a revolutionary upsurge, mass gymnastics and artistic performance Arirang, Kim Il Sung Prize winner, drama We Will Recollect Today and light comedy An Echo among the Hills, and other masterpieces are brilliant results of the Chairman’s leadership over the art and literary sector.

Thanks to the wise leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Il, the Korean art and literature was developed into a “model of revolutionary art” and the “acme of world art” admired by the world’s progressive people, playing its role as revolutionary one to lead the era of independence, and is continuously performing its vanguard role as genuine art and literature to contribute to the implementation of the cause of independence of the masses, the cause of socialism.