Updated Yarn Knitting Production Process Pays Off

The newly built modern knitting yarn production process of the Hamhung Woolen Textile Mill is paying off.

The officials, workers and technicians there are operating the new production process well, thus mass-producing quality knitting yarn for the Hamhung Knitwear Factory and other light industrial establishments on the east coast.

Under the guidance of the Provincial Party Committee and with the assistance of the Ministry of Light Industry, the party, administration and technical officials of the mill are striving hard to put the new production process on a normal basis. They have channeled efforts into supply of raw materials, organization for alternative production and management of facilities and technology and conducted positive frontline-style agitation activities for increased production among the producer masses and thus boosted output.

They at the same time are paying attention to raising the level of technology and skill of technicians and skilled workers to handle the new facilities well.

The officials, workers and technicians of the Knitting Yarn Workshop are registering successes in production every day.

The officials, workers and technicians of the mill are doing well the operation of geothermal facilities to back the production of knitting yarn.

Those of the Steam Workshop are engrossed in being well versed in the new geothermal facilities and running them well and thus are fully ensuring heat and humidity to the process.

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