Under the Benefits of Free Medical Care System

Free medical services are given for people’s life and health promotion in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

On November 13, Juche 41(1952) when the Fatherland Liberation War was at its height, the DPRK adopted a Cabinet decision on enforcing universal free medical care system at the state expense.

The universal free medical care system started to be enforced on January 1, Juche 42(1953) for the first time in history. Since then the Korean people have enjoyed the benefits of the free medical care.

The adoption of the Public Health Law in April Juche 69(1980) has provided a firm legal guarantee to thoroughly ensure the people’s rights to medical treatment and health promotion and consolidate and develop the socialist public health system in the DPRK.

So Yong Chang, Vice-Director of the Ryugyong Dental Hospital, says.

“Everybody receives the free medical services at the state expense. Our hospital, too, gives medical services to more than 70,000 patients free of charge on an annual average. This needs over 200 kinds of dental materials, which is an enormous figure in money value.”

Under the benefits of the free medical care system, the Korean people are now enjoying a happy life in good health.