Under the Banner of Songun

Great Kim Jong Il was an iron-willed brilliant commander and uncommon great man who defended the destiny of the country and people and demonstrated the dignity of the nation with the treasured sword of Songun or army-first politics. He was awarded the title of Marshal of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea on April 20, 1992, and the title of Generalissimo of the DPRK on February 14, 2012, for his accomplishments for the country and people.

When he was awarded the title of Marshal of the DPRK 20 years ago, the Korean people were wrapped in endless jubilation. The Korean people who held him in high esteem as the Supreme Commander of the KPA wanted to see him in the marshal uniform. But Kim Jong Il never wore it before the people. He warmly said the khaki jacket is better than the marshal uniform for him and the hero medal on the chest of the soldiers is more precious than the marshal star and there is the marshal star as there is the hero medal of soldiers.

During his visit to a post of the KPA in young pine woods in January 1995 he announced that he would become a supreme commander smelling the earth together with soldiers and sharing sweets and bitters with them in the battlefields thick with powder smoke in the future, too.

Since the day, Kim Jong Il devoted his all on the road for the country and people, laughing off all difficulties. His Songun-guided march was a tearful forced march of high intensity along the early morning path of Phanmunjom truce village within crying distance from the enemy´s gun muzzle, the steep road on the cliff of Mt. Osong, the dangerous sea route to Cho Island, the sheer Chol Pass and many other places of the country.

Recalling the unforgettable days with deep emotion, Kim Jong Il in his lifetime said, he enforced the Songun politics relying on the People´s Army according to the will of President Kim Il Sung, and that it was with Songun that, during the most arduous march and forced march, he foiled the moves of the imperialists to suffocate the Republic and defended the socialist system, safeguarded the destiny of the country and nation and opened the road of building a prosperous socialist nation.IKE120412029_32

Choe Kye Sik at the Academy of Social Sciences, says:

  “It is a brilliant result of the leadership of great Kim Jong Il that in the rigorous decades of revolution, Korea defended her dignity from the isolation and suffocation moves of the imperialists and despite economic difficulties and laid the solid foundation for the prosperity of the country with powerful spiritual strength. Our country will more fully demonstrate its dignity and spirit and shine brighter in the position of a world´s power.”

In an article titled “Why is leader Kim Jong Il respected by the world”, a foreign press wrote that it is because he has made not a big country Korea a great country, a great nation despite the threat of the most powerful military alliance and protracted sanctions, and even the enemy is bound to respect such a powerful leader. It was an honest confession of the world as to the greatness of Kim Jong Il.

Indeed, the revolutionary life of Kim Jong Il was the noble life of a peerless patriot who opened a bright future of Kim Il Sung Korea and a great career of a world political veteran and outstanding great man who led the socialist cause to victory with Songun. The titles of Marshal and Generalissimo awarded to Kim Jong Il were a manifestation of the boundless praise and respect of the people.

Thanks to respected Kim Jong Un, the image of the uncommon brilliant Songun commander
Kim Jong Il will shine for all ages and he will be remembered forever in the hearts of the Korean people and army.