The U.S. is the Worst Human Rights Abuser

It was reported that 18-year-old black Vonderrick Myers Jr. was killed by an off-duty white police officer in St. Louis, Missouri State, the U.S. at night on Oct. 8.

The murder sparked off an immediate outcry against segregation in St. Louis and its surrounding areas.

It gives a glimpse of human rights situation in the U.S. where the “equality of all people” is called for.

In 2012, a policeman and night patrol seized black men as “suspects” and forced them into “confessions” by brutal tortures in Chicago, which gave a shock to all communities in the U.S.

Last year, a white policeman shot dead a black boy on his way home in Florida. But the Florida State Court sentenced the policeman “not guilty” after ruling that the gunshot was for “self-defensive”, which made people aghast.

What is more serious is that such brutal killing of blacks has been committed one after another in the U.S. with the connivance of and under the patronage of the administration.

The U.S. administration also brutally suppressed a demonstration staged in protest against the murder of a young black by a white policeman in Ferguson City, Missouri State in August this year.

All these facts go to prove that the “equality of all people” called for by the U.S. is nothing but an empty talk and its loudmouthed “protection of human rights” a veil to cover up its poor human rights records.

The U.S. is well advised to mind its own human rights situation before saying this or that about other’s “human rights issue.”