Tree Sapling Producer Newly Built in Kangwon Province

Last June a new tree nursery with an area of scores of hectares was built in Kangwon Province.

It has plastic-panel greenhouse, outdoor cultivation ground, round cuttage ground, substrate production ground, seed selection and sowing ground, office building, comprehensive communal amenities, dwelling houses and so on. The integrated control system is established in the nursery so as to provide the most suitable conditions and environment for sapling cultivation. The nursery is another model which puts its production on a scientific, industrial and intensive footing, and it opens up a bright prospect for turning all mountains of the province into greener ones.

All officials and employees of the tree nursery make an endeavour to acquire the advanced forest science and technology as required by the developing reality, while giving priority to the preparations of seed in the right season and procuring of raw and other materials for substrate production. By doing so, they produce saplings of great economic value to send to cities and counties in the province.