Traffic Safety Education Park for Children

A park for the traffic education of children and students was built in the Ryonmot-dong area, Pyongyang, and opened to public last July. Since then it has an endless stream of little visitors.

Passing a gatepost of the park inscribed with the letters, reading, Traffic Safety Education Park for Children, their first leg of visit is the hall for education in traffic safety.

The classrooms in the hall are dedicated to the traffic-related lessons given by the traffic girls, and a simulation room is to experience accidents caused by the breach of road safety rules.

At the e-library they get access to laws on traffic regulations and knowledge on automobiles and other relative information.

The park has an open-air practice ground which helps consolidate the knowledge on traffic regulations through practice.

The ground provides a variety of traffic circumstances, consisting of roads for vehicles and bicycles, inclined roads, tunnels, pedestrian bridges, railway watch posts, and streets, structures and facilities in the city in a miniature and simulation form.

They are helpful in making children and students review in real situation what they have learned in lessons, such as driving automobiles and bicycles and crossing the roads.

In the park are a toy shop and soft drinks stalls.

Leaving the park, the young visitors say in one voice, “I will strictly observe traffic regulations.”