Torchlight Procession of Young People Held with Splendor

Torchlight procession of members of the young vanguard “Along road of socialism following the great party!” took place at Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang Wednesday evening to celebrate Youth Day. The tribune of honor was taken by senior officials of the party, the state and the army including Choe Yong Rim, Choe Ryong Hae, Hyon Yong Chol, Kim Kyong Hui and Kim Jong Gak.

Present there on invitation were delegates to the celebrations of Youth Day, officials of the party, armed forces and power bodies, working people’s organizations, ministries and national institutions, service personnel of the Korean People’s Army and the Korean People’s Internal Security Forces, officials in the fields of science, education, literature and arts, public health and media, a delegation of Korean youth and students in Japan and a delegation of the Youth Federation of Korean Nationals in China for celebrating Youth Day, overseas compatriots, the chief of the Pyongyang mission of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front, diplomatic envoys of different countries and representatives of international organizations here, military attaches and foreign guests.

Columns of torchlight procession entered the square when it was pervaded with pride and self-esteem of members of the young vanguard glorifying their youth as performers of feats and heroes of the times under the care of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Jon Yong Nam, chairman of the Central Committee of theKim Il SungSocialist Youth League, declared the start of the torchlight procession.

The torchlight procession started when song “Baton of Revolution” and the recital of narrative poem reflecting the determination of the members of the young vanguard from across the country to always follow the road under the leadership of the party resounded forth at the square.

The procession is led by an open car carrying portraits of the smiling Generalissimos amid the solemn playing of “Song of General Kim Il Sung” and “Song of General Kim Jong Il” and the display of fireworks in the sky. Letters “Kim Il Sung”, “Kim Jong Il” and “Immortality” were formed at the square with torchlight.

Columns of officials of the youth league, service persons, students of the revolutionary schools, working youth and university students marched past the square to the tune of songs “Long Live the Great Juche Idea” and “Might of Korea”. Columns of torchlight procession presented a model of the Tower of the Juche Idea and letters “Juche” and “Songun”.

Conspicuous was a column of torchlight procession depicting letters “Power of Mt. Paektu” which reflected the firm will of the young vanguard to demonstrate the might of Juche Korea before the world in the drive to build a rich and powerful country and demonstrate the might of Juche Korea, their hearts burning with great Kim Jong Il’s patriotism.

Letters including “Successor”, “Scout Party” and “Defender” were seen at the square. Heard from among columns of the procession were shouts of slogans reflecting the resolution of young vanguard to make a dynamic advance toward prosperity of the great Kim Il Sung’s nation, Kim Jong Il’s Korea by keeping pace with the Songun brilliant commander.

Watching the grand torchlight procession, crowds sent loud applause to its participants. Fireworks were displayed to brightly light the sky over the city. The square seethed with loyalty and enthusiasm of the members of the young vanguard of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il’s Korea to carry forward and accomplish the Songun revolutionary cause of Juche that started in Mt. Paektu, keeping pace with Kim Jong Un.

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