Tongyang Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Company in DPRK

The Tongyang Koryo Medicine Pharmaceutical Company in the DPRK produces Koryo medicines with high efficacy.

SponGang solution is in great demand for its diverse effects like antibiosis, sterilization, vasodilatation, detoxification and prevention of cancer.

Cardiherb, Gastropancreoherb and Hepaherb capsules are known efficacious for circulatory diseases, pancreatitis, gastroenteritis, colitis, enteritis, splenopathy and other diseases.

The company is also producing functional cosmetics and a tea made with eight staple cereals.
Jon Yong Ran, manager of the company, told KCNA that Koryo medicines produced by the company help improve the systemic circulation.

The company ensures the quality control and efficacy of Koryo medicines by means of advanced analyzing and checking instruments and modern technologies, she said, adding:
It is the working principle of the company to produce high-quality and effective natural Koryo medicines.

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