To Bring Up Reserve Synchronized Swimmers

The Changgwang Health Complex juvenile sports school is a base of training synchronized swimmers.

Its graduates have exalted the honour of the country in international competitions.

The school has always proved successful in the synchronized swimming event of the annual national sports games of juvenile sports schools.

It intensifies the training of its students, helping them acquire the basic techniques on the ground and fully perform such technical movements as underwater stroke in the recumbent and prone positions, stepping on water and thrust of the upper body.

Last year, it made and introduced an effective training apparatus which can be used by several students at a time while solving the issue of ensuring their flexibility quickly.

The apparatus enjoys great popularity among professionals, coaches and instructors as it is designed to be used by players who take part in swimming, diving and figure skating events.

“I feel happy when I see our school graduates who play their part in several sports clubs. I will, in the future, too, devote all my wisdom and passion to bringing up promising reserve players,” said vice-principal Kang Kyong Ae.