The People’s Constitution.

The Socialist Constitution of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was approved on December 27, 1972 (61 of the Juche era) in the First Session of the V Period of the Supreme People’s Assembly, and amended and supplemented on several occasions.

It defines all the rights related to choice, work, health, education, etc., that citizens must enjoy and exercise in all spheres of social life including politics, the economy and culture.

The main right of the citizen fully reflects the demands of the popular masses and is equally and truly assured to them. Every citizen has the right to choose and be elected, without distinction of sex, profession, residence, education, political point of view and religious belief.

In March of last year, the elections of the deputies to the XIV Legislature of the APS took place in which 99.99% of the voters participated and all voted in favor of the candidates registered in the respective constituencies. Of the elected deputies, the workers occupy 16.2%, the peasants, 9.6% and the women, 17.6%. Among them are also officials of the Party and Power bodies, administrative and economic institutions, workers’ organizations and sectors of science, education, public health, sports, literature and art, the press and information.

The Socialist Constitution stipulates the system of state organs so that the popular masses occupy the position and play the role as masters of the state and society. The APS and other state agencies are made up of representatives of the people and have the mission of defending their interests and assuring them true freedom and happiness.

The DPRK celebrates the day the Socialist Constitution was approved as a holiday.