The Moranbong Band of the DPRK

Pyongyang, December 9 (KCNA) — The Moranbong Band, which is popular among the Korean people as a model of the Juche-based literature and art and a worldwide stylish band, will soon give friendship performances in China, together with the State Merited Chorus.

Supreme leader Kim Jong Un organized a new light music band in Juche 101(2012) as a successor to the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble, established by leader Kim Jong Il, and named it Moranbong he liked.

In July three years ago, Kim Jong Un watched a demonstration performance of the Moranbong Band and appreciated it for having greatly improved all the musical elements–from theme and formation to arrangement, composition of instruments, technical skill and representation.

Since its birth the Band has creditably played its role as the first standard-bearer on the ideological and cultural front, arousing all the service personnel and people to the building of a thriving nation through its fresh and go-ahead performance activities full of the stamina of the era of Songun (military-first).

It opened up a new path in art creation with the spirit of devotedly carrying out the tasks given by the Party and with the innovative view and great enthusiasm for creation and through the collectivist emulation. Through its many successful performances the band has won a great popularity among the audience.

Its history is short but it enjoys love of all the people for its high skills and for its fresh and vivacious performances. Each song put on the stage by the band has become a companion of citizens in their cultural life.

It is a high pride of the Korean people to have the band fully demonstrating its honor as an art troupe under the direct guidance of the Workers’ Party of Korea and an art organization of national treasure.

The Band will as ever inspiringly encourage the servicepersons and civilians of the DPRK to building a thriving nation by creditably discharging its mission as the first guard of Songun artistes who stand in the van of upholding the music politics ofKim Jong Un. -0-