The Korean Tiger

The Korean tiger is an animal under international protection. Korean tiger is distributed in Korea, northeast China and Far East of Russia.

The Korean tiger is about 2.8 metres long and weighs about 100 to 306 kilograms. It is bigger and more intrepid than other sorts. Two eyes with blue flash, strong paws, strained posture with the head raised and ears pricked up show the fierceness of the intrepid Korean tiger, “king” in the mountains. Each toe has a strong claw which is usually hidden in fur, but revealed when attacking a prey. Biting strength is very strong thanks to sharp fang and molar and well-developed muscles of the cheeks and jaw.

The Korean tiger is recognized as “king” of animals and symbol of nimbleness and intrepidity as it kills any animal at one bite with quick action and great strength. The Korean tiger lives alone in deep mountains and moves mainly at night. Mating time is not regular, but usually from November to April next year. Gestation period is 100 to 110 days. It drops 2 to 4 youngs or, rarely, 5 to 6 youngs in a litter in 2 to 3 years. Korean tiger is also famous for its fur with beautiful patterns. The back is yellowish brown and stomach and inside of four legs are white.

A very peculiar black pattern is between the forehead and the top of the head, that is, three black horizontal stripes and one vertical stripe in the middle of them. There are black stripes across the back and black rings around the tail. The fur of the Korean tiger is of high quality and the meat, bone, skin, wool and even claw are very valuable medicinal materials. Korean tiger is protected as a living monument in Korea.

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