The DPRK Has Warm Affection for Orphans

Thanks to the sincere efforts of the officials and working people in North Phyongan Province, who turned out as one to carry out the policies of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the state on bringing up the children with no one to support as treasures and dependable pillars of the country, the Sinuiju Baby Home and Sinuiju  Orphanage were built side by side and the children moved to the new buildings in late April. The former is in the shape of a square and the latter, of a trihedron.

The four-storey buildings are literally palaces for the orphans.

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Inside the buildings are rooms for childcare and education, bedrooms, rooms for playing intelligent games, general recreation halls, general exercise rooms, dancing halls, nature study halls, paddling pools, bathrooms, doctor’s rooms and other facilities.

In the yards of the buildings, carpeted with rubber, are playgrounds with facilities for sports and recreation and paddling pools.

Here orphans lead a happy life all day long with nothing to envy in the world under the warm and meticulous care of highly-qualified teachers.

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Their daily routine, arranged with dancing, singing, playing intelligent games and others for their early years, promotes their physical and mental development.

The state is responsible for supplying foodstuffs, essential nutrients, clothing, toys and school things to the children.

The smiling orphans, who grow up merrily in good health, and the beautiful buildings of a peculiar style present spectacular scenery in the Sonsang area, where the baby home and orphanage are situated.

People often stop and watch the happy children in these “palaces.”