Territory of Country Widens

Workers of the General Tideland Reclamation Enterprise of North Phyongan Province have completed the Woldo tideland reclamation project in hearty response to the ideas and spirits of the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea and its plenary meetings to put efforts into acquiring new land by reclaiming tideland.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un set forth the tideland reclamation as an important policy issue in developing self-supporting economy and improving people’s living standards, and wisely led the effort to proactively push forward with the tideland reclamation projects in several areas along the west coast of the country.

The Woldo tideland reclamation project, divided into two sections, was a gigantic nature-transforming undertaking, which involved the earth piling of over 6.3 million cubic metres, stone covering of over 500 000 square metres, and the construction of emptying gates and other structures extending several kilometres across the wild sea.

Officials and workers of the enterprise worked out detailed plans according to stages and made scrupulous arrangements to ensure the effective use of manpower, equipment and materials as well as the quality of work.

The builders pushed ahead with the construction project by their own efforts and technology, producing what was lacking and procuring what was in short supply.

Amid new innovations being created at every workplace, the highest record level was achieved in the construction of outer embankment and the emptying gate was built in such a short time of only two months.

The formation of a ring road stretching along the long dikes linking the Jangsong area of Cholsan County to Woldo and Posan areas and the change of a vast tideland of over 3 300 hectares into the arable land, thanks to the efforts of the tideland reclaimers, have laid another solid foundations conducive to sustainably developing agriculture and improving the people’s living standards.

Originally published on Naenara – naenara.com.kp/en/