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A Successful Woman Taekwondoist

Jang Kyong Ok is a talented athlete well-known to the Korean people. During her career as a Taekwondoist, she had a good physical condition and distinguished herself in sparring. She was the world champion in the 70 or more-kilogram women´s sparring. She came second at the 7th World Taekwon-Do Championship, but afterwards first on end. […]

My Happiness in the Motherland

Here are the memoirs of Professor and Doctor Ri Tong Gyu, Deputy President of the Academy of Sports and Physical Culture of the DPRK. This year I am 78 years old. It would be difficult to understand if I say I cannot distinguish dream from reality in the twilight of my life, but really I […]

Dennis Rodman Sings Happy Birthday to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un

Dennis Rodman Sings Happy Birthday To Kim Jong Un

Former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman bows and sings “Happy Birthday” to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un on his recent trip to the DPRK.Dennis  Rodman is currently in North Korea with other former NBA players for a basketball game against a local team that’s due to take place Wednesday, the birthday of the country’s leader […]

Kim Jong Un Watches Men’s Soccer Match

Kim Jong Un Watches Men's Soccer Match

Pyongyang, July 31 (KCNA) — Marshal Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, first chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission and supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army, watched a men’s soccer match between the April 25 Team and the Hwaebul Team. Among the spectators were Choe Ryong Hae, Jang […]

Many Local, International Sporting Events to Be Held This Year in the DPRK

Many local and international sports events will be held this significant year. They include sports contests for Paektusan Prize and Mangyongdae Prize marking the Day of the Shining Star, birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il, and the Day of the Sun, birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung, Pochonbo Torch Prize, Jonsung Cup and […]

First Sports Day in New Year Marked in DPRK

[nggallery id=115]A ceremony for group running of officials of ministries and national institutions took place at Kim Il Sung Square Sunday on the occasion of the first sports day this year. Prior to the running, Hyon Sang Ju, chairman of the Central Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea, made an address. […]

Officials′ Table-Tennis Tournament Begins in DPRK

[nggallery id=78]A table-tennis tournament of officials from committees and commissions, ministries and national institutions began here on Wednesday. Taking part in the tournament held at Pyongyang Indoor Stadium are more than 500 officials, according to Hong Song Hyon, department director of the C.C., General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea. Divided into four groups, the […]

Kim Jong Un Watches Shooting Contest and Volleyball Match

Kim Jong Un Watching Volleyball
[nggallery id=51]The dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, together with his wife Ri Sol Ju, watched a shooting contest among players of the April 25 National Defense Sports Team and a women’s volleyball match between the Pongae Team and the Pyongyang Team. Kim Jong Un was greeted by Minister of Physical Culture and Sports Ri […]

DPRK Players Prove Successful in World Taekwon-Do Championships

[nggallery id=28] DPRK players proved successful at the 10th World Juvenile Taekwon-Do Championship and the 5th World Veteran Taekwon-Do Championship in Tallin, Estonia from August 20 to 26. The championships brought together hundreds of men and women players from 71 countries of the world. The DPRK players placed first in country standing in the Juvenile […]

Torchlight Relay Racers Arrive in Pyongyang

[imagebrowser id=12]Members of young vanguard participating in the torchlight relay race arrived in Pyongyang Friday to mark Youth Day. They were full of the pledge to give steady continuity to the march toward Mt. Paektu under the leadership of the dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un. Holding aloft the torchlight of revolution that was kindled […]

Pyongyang Ready to Welcome Delegates to Celebrations of Youth Day

[slideshow id=6]Pyongyang is wrapped in a festive atmosphere in the run-up to Youth Day to be marked with splendor amid great attention and blessings of the whole party and all people and service personnel. All preparations have been made to welcome delegates of youth from across the country to celebrations of Youth Day, an event […]