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Independence Is What Keeps Countries and Nations Alive

Fair and principled international relations are sure to be established when all countries and nations pursue independent foreign policies, regarding independence as their life and soul. In order to adhere to independence, a country should work hard with an independent stand and build an independent national economy. It presents itself as a very urgent issue […]

Can we see the Consciousness as the same as the Conscious?

Consciousness and the conscious are closely related but never the same one. Leader Kim Jong Il said that the conscious is the sophisticated function of man’s brain, the most developed of his physical organs. The brain plays the central role in the activity of human life, and the conscious which is the function of the […]

A Historic House Tells of Feats of Kim Il Sung in Party Founding

In Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea, there is a historic house Party Founding Museum which tells the undying achievements of the great leader Kim Il Sung who founded the Workers’ Party of Korea. Some time ago I visited the museum. Entering Room No. 1 together with the visitors, I stopped […]

U.S. in Agony on Two Histories

Indian scholar Kumar Gupta posted an article titled “The U.S. in agony on two histories” on the 4th Media, a website of China, on Oct. 10. The article said: The United States is seriously agonized by two histories. One is its failure in the Korean War (25.6.1950 – 27.7.1953) and another is north Korea’s manufacture […]

The U.S. is the Worst Human Rights Abuser

It was reported that 18-year-old black Vonderrick Myers Jr. was killed by an off-duty white police officer in St. Louis, Missouri State, the U.S. at night on Oct. 8. The murder sparked off an immediate outcry against segregation in St. Louis and its surrounding areas. It gives a glimpse of human rights situation in the […]

Kim Jong Un Gives Field Guidance to Newly Built Wisong Scientists Residential District

Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, first chairman of the National Defense Commission of the DPRK and supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army, gave field guidance to the newly built Wisong Scientists Residential District. The residential district consists of multi-storied apartment houses of 24 blocks, schools, hospital, nursery, kindergarten, […]

What is Consciousness?

Kim Jong Il said: Consciousness is an attribute of social man, which determines all his endeavors to understand and reshape the world and himself. Consciousness is one of the essential attributes of man, social being along with independence and creativity. With consciousness man understands the world and the law of its movement and transforms and […]

Anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s Election as General Secretary of WPK, Historic Event of Great Significance in Strengthening the WPK

Leader Kim Jong Il’s election as general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) marked a historic event of great significance in strengthening the WPK and accomplishing the cause of building a thriving socialist nation. Kim Jong Il was a peerless political elder as he developed the WPK into the most experienced and tested […]

What is the Correlation between Creativity and Creative Power?

Creativity and creative ability should be correctly distinguished in their close relationship. President Kim Il Sung said: Along with independence, man has creativeness. This means that he has the creative power to transform nature and society in accordance with his will and wishes. The creative power is the fundamental guarantee for a man to be […]

WPK Dignified with Independence

October 10 this year is the significant 69th anniversary of the glorious Workers´ Party of Korea. Greeting the day, the Korean army and people warmly recall the immortal exploits of the great Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il who strengthened and developed the WPK into a powerful and invincible revolutionary party and dignified […]

True Picture of Capitalism

The capitalist society is a society full of filthy waste. With no rhetoric can the imperialists hide the true picture of capitalism infected with fatal and chronic diseases. “Material prosperity” in the capitalist society is by no means meant for the common people. It is the U.S. where a tiny handful of the rich wallow […]

Unbreakable Unity and Cohesion of WPK

Our advance and cause are sure to triumph as long as there is the leadership of the great party which has achieved unbreakable unity, the source of inexhaustible strength to win victories in the struggle and bring about changes. The nearly seven decade-long history of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) is a glorious one […]

What is Creativity?

Kim Jong Il said: Creativity is an attribute of social man who transforms the world and shapes his destiny purposefully and consciously. Creativity is one of the essential attributes of man, social being. With creativity man transforms nature and society to be more useful and beneficial to him by changing the old and creating the […]

Flag of the WPK Fluttering in the Sky of October

The flag of the Workers´ Party of Korea is fluttering in the sky of October. Whenever they look at the sacred flag of the WPK which has led the revolution and people to victory and glory despite upheavals of history, the Korean people ardently long for the benevolent image of the great leader Kim Jong […]

What Does it Mean that Independence is the Life and Soul of Man?

This means independence is the most valuable for a social being. Kim Jong Il said: Independence is the life and soul of man, the social being. When independence is referred to as man’s life and soul, it means social and political integrity. Independence is the basic quality of a social being and it is the […]

Revolutionary Party Organizes and Guides All Victories

Leader Kim Jong Il published the work “The Workers’ Party of Korea Organizes and Guides All the Victories of Our People” on October 3, Juche 79 (1990). The work comprehensively clarifies the idea that the leadership of the party provides a sure guarantee for the victory of the cause of socialism and the theoretical and […]

I Call the WPK “Mother”

Ko Pong Chun, worker of the Pyongyang Post Office, says: I am a driver of the Pyongyang Post Office. Now I have two grown-up sons. But I still think of mother whenever a song of mother is heard on television and radio. Following is a verse from the lyric poem ´Mother´ loved by all our […]

What Does it Mean that Independence is the Characteristic of a Social Man?

This means that independence is the characteristics of a social man who leads an independent life with consciousness of independence. Kim Jong Il said: Only when a man has the consciousness of independence can he conduct conscious activity to conquer nature and actively struggle against the oppressors who encroach and trample upon his independence. Independence […]