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Pledge to Uphold Kim Il Sung as Eternal Sun

Over 170 Million Visitors and Nearly 280 000 Floral Baskets over last 20 years. It has been 20 years since the Korean people’s eternal leader and benevolent father Generalissimo Kim Il Sung passed away unexpectedly to their greatest regret. An endless stream of people has been visiting the statue of Kim Il Sung on Mansu […]

A year of more ardent longing for the sun

[nggallery id=91]The Korean people most significantly celebrated the centenary of birth of the great leader President Kim Il Sung in 2012. Now 2012 is coming to a close and the Korean people are recollecting with deep emotion the unforgettable days of the year spent amid longing for President Kim Il Sung. President Kim Il Sung […]

Kim Jong Un Goes Round Pyongyang Folk Park

[nggallery id=36]Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and first chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, together with his wife Ri Sol Ju, went round the Pyongyang Folk Park nearing its completion. The peculiar folk park covers a vast area around […]

Homage Paid to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il by Youth Delegates

[imagebrowser id=11]The delegates to the celebrations of Youth Day laid floral baskets before the statues of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il on Mansu Hill Saturday, reflecting the unanimous loyalty of all members of the young vanguard from across the country. They paid tribute to the peerlessly great men of Mt. Paektu […]

Participants of Int′l Academic Symposium Pay Homage to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il

Pyongyang, August 21 (KCNA) — The participants of the international academic symposium of Kim Il Sung University laid a floral basket and bunches of flowers before the statues of President Kim Il Sungand leader Kim Jong Il on Mansu Hill Tuesday before paying tribute to them. On the same day the chairman of the Italian […]