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Pomhyanggi-brand cosmetics

Pomhyanggi-brand cosmetics are favoured by the Korean women.The Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory, located in Sinuiju City of North Phyongan Province, produces various series of Pomhyanggi-brand cosmetics in keeping with the aesthetic demands of women and the world trend in cosmetics industry.For example, the third-series cosmetics are suitable for only skin and the fourth-series are good for dry […]

Successes in the metallurgical industry in the Battle of 80 days.

The Kim Chaek Steel Complex, after reaching the goal of steel production, exceeded the crude iron production plan. This was achieved by introducing appropriate methods to keep the oxygen blast heating furnace operating. In recent days, the Hwanghae Steel Complex, which has already met its crude iron production target, successively completed the production plans for […]

New Housing around Kwangchon.

Homes were built for hundreds of families in the Kwangchon area of North Hwanghae Province. Houses were erected on feed supply farms near the Kwangchon Poultry Plant. The houses, which are of various shapes, attach importance to comfort and aesthetics and satisfy all living conditions. Fruit and non-fruit trees were planted, notably apricot trees and […]

The People’s Constitution.

The Socialist Constitution of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was approved on December 27, 1972 (61 of the Juche era) in the First Session of the V Period of the Supreme People’s Assembly, and amended and supplemented on several occasions. It defines all the rights related to choice, work, health, education, etc., that citizens […]

Manchurian Fresno, a natural monument.

It is located near the Myohyang Stream Road, slightly set back from Pohyon Temple on Mount Myohyang, one of the six major mountains in Korea. It has grown there since around the year 1870. It measures 24.4 meters in height, 3.6 meters in lower perimeter, 3 meters in perimeter at chest height. Its crown is […]

Technicolor granite rock.

This type of granite is naturally found in Jungsan Commune, Tanchon City, South Hamgyong Province.The geological stratum of this place is formed by carbonate and granite rocks. Granite is made up of feldspar, quartz, aphanite, and biotite and has the colors red, blue, yellow, black, and white.The proportionally colored rock gives an impression as if […]

An example of visual healthcare.

Our ideal is to contribute to the promotion of the sight of the people ”said Kim Sang Ju, director of the Company. Originating from a small eyewear store in June 1986 (75 Juche era), it has now grown into a comprehensive and professional service center. In this center, equipped with modern measuring and processing equipment, […]

A Citizen’s Right to Convalescent and Retirement Homes.

It is one of the social benefits offered to the Korean people by the state. On December 19, 35 of the Juche era (1946), in the presidium of the Provisional People’s Committee of North Korea the problem of establishing numerous convalescent and rest houses in different parts of the country was discussed to satisfactorily guarantee […]

Green-house Agriculture.

Large quantities of vegetables are produced in the greenhouses of the Mangyongdae Township of Pyongyang City. These are destined to the inhabitants of the municipality in the four seasons of the year. In the thirteen existing greenhouses, whose surface area reaches one hectare in total, more than 360 tons have been produced this year. This […]

Mineral Water Bottling Plants.

During the last two years, bottling plants for spring waters have been built in several provinces. The plants in Taesongsan, Jongbangsan and Chongjin stand out, which have all their production processes are automated and sterilized and produce tens of thousands of tons every year. Its products are distributed in containers of different sizes, which are […]

Natural Reserve of a protected species in Sakju.

In the Sakju district of the North Phyong-an province, there is a reserve established to protect and multiply the so-called Japanese cucumber belonging to the flora of the temperate zone. Other tall, climbing plants and shrubs such as holm oaks, wild walnut trees, linden trees and pines grow there, forming a lush forest. The reserve […]

The Sonhung Food Processing Plant.

The products of the Sonhung Food Factory are very popular. When it opened more than 20 years ago, it produced just over a dozen varieties of 2 or 3 products. But now it produces more than 400 varieties of more than 10 genera, thanks to the full modernization of production processes. Its products include functional […]

Historical Relic.

Among the historical remains of Korea, Pukgwandaechopbi stands out, a tombstone erected in the Rimmyong commune of the Kim Chaek city of North Hamgyong province. It was erected in 1708 in homage to the great victory of the troop of volunteer soldiers from Hamgyong province who, under the command of Jong Mun Bu, defeated Japanese […]

COVID-19 prevention continues.

Despite the fact that there is currently no case of Covid-19 detected in the DPRK, preventive measures are still being intensively developed. These measures, instead of decreasing their intensity, which could lead to an unwanted relaxation, are currently being intensified to prevent the entry of cases by a new wave of the virus. For example, […]

First Olympic Gold Medal for the DPRK.

48 years ago Ri Ho Jun shed tears on the podium as the “Patriotic Anthem” resounded. He participated in the small-caliber carbine shooting at the XX Olympic Games held in August 1972 in Munich, Germany. He broke the world and Olympic record with the score of 599 whose maximum possible was 600. Back then, foreign […]

Kuryong Waterfall near Mount Kumgang.

The Kuryong waterfall in Outer Kumgang is located near the world famous Mount Kumgang, near the East Sea. The waterfall is one of the three famous ones in the country along with the Taesung on Mount Sol-ak and the Pakyon on Kaesong. It is widely known with 3 others from Mount Kumgang, that is, the […]

Pasta, tea, popcorn and other corn-based products, popular in Korea.

Crecen cada día más entre las demandas sobre los alimentos de la Fábrica de Productos Procesados de Maíz de Pyongyang que llevan la marca «Hwanggumisak». La planta produce actualmente más de 40 artículos de casi 20 variedades, incluyendo nuevos productos como fideo y té, así dijo la gerente Ryom Sol Mi en conversación con la ACNC y continuó: […]