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Fireworks Displayed to Mark Anniversary of Country’s Liberation

Fireworks Displayed to Mark Anniversary of Country's Liberation

Fireworks were displayed in the sky above Pyongyang on Saturday evening to mark the 70th anniversary of Korea’s liberation. Kim Il Sung Square, Mansu Hill, Okryu Bridge and other places on the bank of the River Taedong where the Tower of the Juche Idea is standing were crowded with people of various circles, school youth and […]

[Video] Pyongyang Greets New Year with Fireworks

Fireworks in Pyongyang DPRK
[nggallery id=95]Fireworks were displayed in different parts of Pyongyang at 00:00 on Jan. 1, Juche 102 (2013). Kim Il Sung Square, Pyongyang Indoor Stadium, April 25 House of Culture and other parts of the capital city were crowded with citizens enjoying the display of fireworks. At Pyongyang Indoor Stadium, Pak Thae Ryong, a student of […]