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The General Federation of Labor Unions of Korea celebrates its 75th Anniversary.

The General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea (FGSC) welcomed the 75th anniversary of its founding. The union wrote its proud history of development under the leadership of President Kim Il Sung and Leader Kim Jong Il. The President founded on November 30, 34 of the Juche era (1945) that massive political organization of the […]

New Housing Distributed Free of Charge to Workers.

They built the wonderful socialist villages in the Komdok area of ​​South Hamgyong province. In this region severely damaged by natural disasters, one-story, low-rise and multi-story homes were built for more than 2,300 families, public buildings and parks. The great change in the region is the fruit of the ardent love and devotion of the […]

Cement Production Increases.

The Sangwon Cement Complex is now retaining its reputation as a competent building-materials producer in the country with its boost in cement production.It is making efforts to satisfy the growing demand for cement across the country by bolstering up its production capacity and solving by its own efforts and technology the problems in revitalizing the […]

Devotion for the Promotion of Women’s Health.

Hyon Kuk Hae, a doctor of Gynecological Department No. 3 of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital, frequently gets phonecalls of gratitude from many women. Among them is Han Ok Gyong, farmer of a cooperative farm in Tongnim County, North Phyongan Province. Han was brought to the hospital in emergency in March this year. Hers was a […]

Medical Success in Children’s Hospital.

The DPRK is scoring successes in the treatment of children’s brain tumour by introducing new therapies. Medical workers of the neurosurgery department of the Okryu Children’s Hospital succeeded in performing the selective dorsal rhizotomy of a four-year-old child. This operation, the first of its kind in the country, took two hours. The method has been […]

Workers’ Hostel Built at Sinuiju Textile Mill.

A workers’ hostel was splendidly built at the Sinuiju Textile Mill. The hostel consists of cozy bedrooms which are arranged to afford utmost convenience in life, a dining hall, library, youth school and room of culture, and the Pangjik Health Complex provided with a swimming pool, fitness hall, barbershop, beauty parlour and other welfare service […]

Recycling Goes Full Steam Ahead.

The work of recycling resources goes full steam ahead amid the nationwide concern in the DPRK.With the adoption of the law on recycling resources and the establishment of recycling system, the industrial establishments are making efforts to maximize the utilization rate of various kinds of scrapped materials and urban sewage.In particular, many units are conducting […]

Restaurant Famous for Loach Dishes.

The Mundok Restaurant in Taesong District of Pyongyang is famous for loach dishes. Loach soup mixed with pumpkin and savoury and crisp fried loach are the favourite dishes of customers. From ancient times, the Koreans have widely used tasty and nutritious loach in their dietary life. The dishes made of loach, which is called “insam […]

A Worker-Poet Studies At University.

A Worker-Poet Studies at University Yun Jong A, a 23-year-old girl, worked at the fuel service station in Phyongsong City, South Phyongan Province. Since her childhood, she was deeply interested in composition. After graduation from a senior middle school, she started her social life. She depicted her experience gained in worthwhile working life in poetry […]

IT Proves Effective in Agriculture.

The Naejung Cooperative Farm in Yomju County of North Phyongan Province put production and management on a scientific and IT footing by introducing a comprehensive agricultural production and control system. With the help of a digital map developed by the Academy of Agricultural Science, the system has database on all fields of the farm according […]

“Mother” of Babies.

Among those who celebrate Mother’s Day, November 16, in the DPRK is Pak Song Suk, deputy chief in charge of technical affairs of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital. On this day she recollects her medical career begun and peaked with that of the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital. Pak was born into a workers’ family in Chonnae County, […]

Thousands of Dwelling Houses Built in Samjiyon City.

Thousands of new dwelling houses were built in over 10 dongs and ris in Samjiyon City. Ceremonies for moving into new houses took place in Paektusanmilyong-dong, Sinmusong-dong, Rimyongsu-dong, Phothae-dong, Ohomuldong-dong, Junghung-ri, Hunggyesu-ri, Sobaeksan-ri, Paeksam-ri, Poso-ri and Thongsin-ri. Present at the ceremonies were Tong Jong Ho, vice-premier of the Cabinet, Pak Hun, minister of Construction and […]

Smile Brightly.

On Mirae Scientists Street laid out in 2015 on the bank of the picturesque Taedong River for scientific and educational personnel in Pyongyang is the Phyongchon District Mirae Nursery.The nursery is amply furnished for upbringing of the children, their growth and intelligence development, including 50 rooms for children’s daily routine and others for their exercises […]

River Improvement Project Pays off.

There are the Chongchon River and other over 30 rivers, big and small, in Kujang County, North Phyongan Province. Twenty of them are over 5 km long. In the past, the county had suffered from frequent flooding. So, officials of the county pushed forward the work to improve all rivers in a far-sighted way while […]

Manufacturer of Rolling Stock.

The Kim Jong Thae Electric Locomotive Complex, established on November 10, 1945, is the leading base which exclusively engages in manufacturing electric locomotives and rolling stock. The workers of the complex have made contributions to stepping up the railway modernization and easing the shortage of means for transporting passengers and freight by manufacturing a large […]

National Accreditation Association.

The National Accreditation Association (NAA) of the DPRK, founded in April 2002, is a standing organ which engages in conformity assessment of all authentication bodies of the country. The association gives certification to the auditing and registering bodies, testing and analytical laboratories and product authentication bodies and undertakes regular control of those bodies, and evaluation […]

Environment-friendly Building Parts Are Produced.

More and more units in the DPRK are producing building parts by making use of light burned magnesia. Light burned magnesia board can reduce energy loss when heating or cooling a room as it absorbs carbon dioxide and keeps low heat conductivity. A board of 20 square metres has the same effect as having a […]

Biodegradable Goods in Public Favour.

Today, disposable plastic goods are exerting aggravating influence on the environment. Various kinds of disposable biodegradable vessels which are low in production cost and environment-friendly are produced in the DPRK. The vessels are made of by-products of potato starch. Their substance disappears one week after being discarded and degrades naturally and completely in three months. […]