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Members of Korean Children’s Union

The members of the Korean Children’s Union in the DPRK are the successors to the Korean revolution and the future masters of the country. They have carried forward the revolutionary traditions of the Anti-Japanese Children’s Corps and performed many laudable deeds, flying proudly the flag of the KCU in the annals of the revolution. Their […]

Anniversary of KCU Observed in DPRK

The younger generation of Songun Korea greeted the 68th anniversary of the founding of the Korean Children’s Union (KCU). Laughing and song of happiness of the KCU members resounded across the country including remote mountain villages, far-flung islets, and villages adjacent to the demarcation line. The KCU members visited the statues of the great Generalissimos […]

We are the Happiest in the World

June 6 this year marks the significant 68th anniversary of the Korean Children´s Union. On the occasion of the anniversary the members of the Korean Children´s Union and the Korean people look back with deep emotion upon the significant days they spent in joy and excitement in the presence of respected Marshal Kim Jong Un. […]