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Kuryong Waterfall near Mount Kumgang.

The Kuryong waterfall in Outer Kumgang is located near the world famous Mount Kumgang, near the East Sea. The waterfall is one of the three famous ones in the country along with the Taesung on Mount Sol-ak and the Pakyon on Kaesong. It is widely known with 3 others from Mount Kumgang, that is, the […]

Plants on Shore of Lake Chon

Mt. Paektu, a famous mountain of Korea, stands in the northern part of Korea. It is 2,750 meters above sea level. Lake Chon was formed when water was collected in the crater after the eruption of a volcano on the mountain. Hundreds of species of plants are growing around the lake. The plants are characterized […]

“Pomhyanggi” – Trademarked Cosmetics in the DPRK

“Pomhyanggi”-trademarked cosmetics are popular in Korea. “Pomhyanggi” cream, “Pomhyanggi” skin-softening lotion, “Pomhyanggi” moistening milk cream and different other kinds of functional cosmetics are in great demand not only among women but also among men. It is said that those accustomed to them continue to demand them only. The cosmetics are produced in the Korean Pomhyanggi […]