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Another Old Mural Tomb Unearthed in DPRK.

A research group of the Korea National Heritage Preservation Agency has recently unearthed a new mural tomb dating back to Koguryo Kingdom (277 B.C.-A.D. 668) in the Undok area of Ryonggang County, Nampho City. The tomb is situated on a hillside north of the area. The Ryonggang Large Tomb and the Twin-pillared Tomb, inscribed on […]

Koguryo Tombs with Murals and Historical Relics Unearthed.

Of late, Koguryo tombs with murals and other historical relics were unearthed in Wolji-ri, Anak County, South Hwanghae Province. In the course of making vigorous efforts to discover historical sites, the Archaeology Institute under the Academy of Social Sciences has newly unearthed and verified two Koguryo tombs with murals and gold artifacts. The first tomb […]