Taedonggang Condiment Factory

The Taedonggang Condiment Factory produces over 60 kinds of Pyongyang-brand soybean paste and soy sauce, including malted soybean paste, rice and red peppered bean paste and fermented soy sauce. Its products are winning growing popularity among the people.

It has raised a hot wind of competition among its employees for developing more than one product to meet the growing demand for its goods, with the result that it produced many developers of bacillus subtillus and new goods, designers and inventors .

It channels efforts into improving the quality of its products through scientific analysis of the contents of salt, reducing sugar and microorganisms. It also renovated various kinds of equipment and facilities so as to ensure economic profitability.

Many of its products were awarded the top and technical prizes as well as gold and silver medals in the national consumer goods exhibitions and shows. The factory has recently developed a new kind of functional red peppered bean paste mixed with garlic and such health-promoting edible herbs as Codonopsis lanceolata and aralia shoots.

Several units from different parts of the country make visits to this labour-, land- and electricity-saving factory to learn from its recipe and experience. Its soybean paste and soy sauce production lines were awarded the DPRK certificate of ISO food safety management system.

Manager Jon Ho Chol said: The Pyongyang-brand products of soybean paste and soy sauce represent the sincerity of our workers to add lustre to the traditions of the Korean nation. I think that is why their quality is improved as the days go by.