Sweden Donates New Books to the Grand People’s Study House

A book-donating ceremony took place at the Grand People’s Study House in Pyongyang on June 6, which is also the “National Day” of Sweden. Almost 2,000 books on Nordic culture, history, music, Alfred Nobel, and mint copies of the Linnaeus Apostles were donated to the library’s already impressive number of works. Many of these were stacked for display during the public ceremony.

Present at the ceremony were Song Ja Rip, Vice-President of the Study House, teachers and researchers of scientific and educational institutions including Kim Il Sung University, local officials concerned, Stiernlöf Bo Torkel, Swedish ambassador to the DPRK, and a few staff members of his embassy. A greetings letter was also sent and read aloud from the American consulate in Beijing, delivered by way of the Swedish embassy staff members.

Scenes from the ceremony were captured live on Korean Central Television, saved to be broadcasted that evening on television to the country.

Over thirty series of the eight (8) Linnaeus Apostles were donated.
Over thirty series of the eight (8) Linnaeus Apostles were donated.

The participants looked around at the books donated to the study house and helped with sorting and organizing them for the library shelves. Officials and workers at the Study House later had a “thank you” dinner with those concerned.