The Summer Climate of Korea

Korea geographically in the Temperate Zone has distinct four seasons, that is, warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn and cold winter.

Hot summer lasts from June to August. Summer climate is generally characterized by a lot of rain accompanied by lasting sultry weather. Humid and warm south or southeast seasonal wind blows mainly from the sea, which is accompanied by a lot of rain. For three months of summer a lot of rain falls, which is 50 to 60 percent of total precipitation of a year. 250 to 850 millimeters of rain falls in the rainy season between July and August. The total duration of sunshine exceeds 200 hours a month even in the rainy season of summer. It creates a favorable condition for the cultivation of some crops including rice farming. The average temperature of the hottest July and August is 17 to 18 degrees centigrade in the highlands and 20 to 25 degrees centigrade in other regions.

Mountains and fields get green in summer with much rain and lasting sultry weather.

Lakes and bathing resorts are crowded with people. It is as good as sea bathing to enjoy themselves at the Munsu Water Park and the Rungna Wading Pool in the capital city Pyongyang.

Summer is also a good season for camping of schoolchildren. Schoolchildren spend a pleasant time at the Children´s Union camps built across the country. In Songdowon, a scenic spot on the East coast of Korea, Korean and foreign children enjoy camping every year, sharing friendship. The Songdowon International Children´s Camp has been rebuilt this year. The hot summer is followed by cool autumn.

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