Successors to the Revolution

Today the Korean young people are respected thanks to the idea of the Workers´ Party of Korea on attaching importance to youth and fully display their mettle in the building of a prosperous socialist nation. The history of the development of the youth movement is the history of the wise leadership of the great men of Mt. Paektu.

The great leader Kim Il Sung started his revolutionary activities from the youth movement in his early years and formed the “Young Communist League of Korea”, a youth organization of new type, on August 28, Juche 16 or 1927. The formation of the league was a historic event which opened a starting point of the Korean youth movement. From the historic day the Korean young people won victory in the two revolutionary wars and two-stage social revolution under the guidance of the great men of Mt. Paektu and played the vanguard role in socialist construction.

Carrying forward the idea of Kim Il Sung on attaching importance to youth, Kim Jong Il advanced the slogan “Love the Young People!” and ensured that August 28, the significant day when the Korean youth movement started, was instituted as Youth Day. And he led the young people to perform their mission as the reliable successors to the revolutionary cause of Juche generation after generation. A Pyongyang city evening gala and torchlight procession of youth and students was grandly held in the capital city Pyongyang on October 10, Juche 84 or 1995, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the WPK. That day the great Kim Jong Il handed the torch of revolution to the young people. The torch represented his deep trust and hope for the young people to become the youth vanguard faithful to the party who carries forward the revolutionary cause of Juche to completion as unquenchable flames of revolution. Kim Jong Il always believed in the young people firmly and led them to work in difficult sectors for the building of a thriving nation.

During the arduous march in the 90s of the last century young people wonderfully built the Pyongyang-Nampho motorway. Looking round the motorway in November Juche 89 or 2000, Kim Jong Il said the young people built another monumental creation and warmly proposed naming it Youth Hero Motorway. And he said he was very pleased to see a creation named after youth and highly appreciated the merits of the young people. Expressing greater pleasure over what was done by young people than anybody else, he named the monumental structures of the era after youth.

Today the noble idea of Generalissimos Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il on attaching importance to youth is carried forward by respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.

On August 28, Juche 101 or 2012, Kim Jong Un, on a long road of inspection of the front, sent a congratulatory message to the young people across the country on the Youth Day. In the message he said he wants to place the young people on a gold cushion so that the whole world can envy them and pick stars from the sky and put them on their chests. He also noted that he is confident as the youth, the main young unit to make revolution together until the day of the final victory, are presentable. As soon as he came back from his inspection of the front, he met youth delegates to the meeting for celebrating the Youth Day and had a photo session with them.

Today the Korean young people are growing up as flowers of the country and nation and future masters amid the expectation and trust of respected Marshal Kim Jong Un. The young people, a pride of the times, will always perform great feats in the building of a prosperous nation along with the noble name of the youth vanguard.