A Successful Woman Taekwondoist

Jang Kyong Ok is a talented athlete well-known to the Korean people. During her career as a Taekwondoist, she had a good physical condition and distinguished herself in sparring. She was the world champion in the 70 or more-kilogram women´s sparring. She came second at the 7th World Taekwon-Do Championship, but afterwards first on end. She was awarded the prize of technique for best Taekwondoists three times. Her success gave national pride to the Korean people and she was nicknamed “invincible girl”.

While working as a coach, she also gave deep impressions to the Koreans. Only 5 years have passed since she became a coach. But her indomitable and inexhaustible passion remains unchanged. She took part in the 16th and 17th World Taekwon-Do Championships and other international games as coach and made a great contribution to the team in keeping winner in total national ranking.

Seen in the first page of her notebook is a sentence:

“The honor of the country is not only on the shoulders of a player”.

Written in the notebook are character, physical condition and day-to-day and month-to-month training of each Taekwondoist, tasks to be carried out every day, and characteristics, records and developments of different other teams. With such persistent efforts she has trained many world champions like herself.

Now she is recognized not only as a coach but also as an excellent juror in the Taekwon-Do society. The International Taekwon-Do Federation specially invited her to the 17th World Taekwon-Do Championship and after the championship, the Federation awarded a specially instituted prize to her. Labor Heroine and People´s Athlete Jang Kyong Ok is an authoritative Taekwondo coach in her early 40s. She often says:

“Continued efforts without loosening tension are necessary to be successful as a player and as a coach.”

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