Strategic Line of the (WPK) Workers Party of Korea

Independence, Songun and socialism are the strategic line the Workers’ Party of Korea has consistently maintained in the revolution and construction.

The Party opted to follow the road of independence out of its noble duty to take full responsibility of the destiny of the Korean people.

From the outset he embarked on the revolutionary struggle President Kim Il Sung experienced that worship of great powers and dependence upon outside forces lead to national ruin, and discovered the truth that the masters of the Korean revolution are the Korean people themselves and must be carried out by their own efforts to suit the actual conditions of their country.

The Party has led the struggle to thoroughly overcome the flunkeyist tendencies and apply the Juche idea in all fields. Under its leadership the Korean people built a democratic, independent and sovereign state by carrying out democratic reforms such as agrarian reform and industrialization of key industries in conformity with the specific conditions of their country after its liberation on August 15 1945. After the Fatherland Liberation War they brought to a successful completion the cooperativization of agriculture and transformation of urban handicrafts and capitalist trade and industry on socialist lines and finally established a socialist system.


When the great-power chauvinists forced an “integrated economy” on Korea to make it join the CMEA (Council for Mutual Economic Assistance), the Party held fast to its basic line of economic construction on giving priority to the growth of heavy industry while developing light industry and agriculture in parallel to build an independent national economy. It has also paid due attention to maintaining the Juche character and national character of the revolution and construction and embodying the principles of political independence, self-sufficient economy and self-reliant defence. This brought about a signal improvement in the national economic development and the people’s living standards. Although socialism collapsed in several countries in the 1990s, the Party staunchly defended the people-centred socialism, holding high the banner of independence.

Songun is the eternal strategic line of the WPK to champion the independence of the masses of the people.

In his early years Kim Il Sung clarified the principle that arms are the lifeblood of the nation and the victory of the revolution and led the anti-Japanese armed struggle to victory by forming an armed group. He founded regular armed forces despite the difficult and complicated situation in the wake of the country’s liberation. The Party has ensured that primary efforts are directed to military build-up. Under its leadership the Korean People’s Army humbled the US imperialists who had boasted of being the “strongest” in the world in the three-year-long war and defended the destiny of the country. The Party has developed the KPA into an army that is prepared both politico-ideologically and in military techniques. Notably, it boosted the military capabilities of the country by advancing the line of carrying on economic construction in parallel with defence building in December 1962.

In the mid-1990s Chairman Kim Jong Il formulated Songun politics as the basic political mode of socialism and the mode of revolutionary leadership of the Party. It raised the profile of the Party as a party which wins one victory after another by force of arms and a militant party which is filled with the revolutionary soldier spirit and fighting spirit of the People’s Army. In its March 2013 Plenary Meeting the Party adopted a new strategic line of simultaneously pushing forward economic construction and upbuilding of nuclear force. Today Korea demonstrates its dignity and might as a military power with strong nuclear deterrent under the banner of Songun.

Socialism is also the eternal strategic line of the WPK to realize the people’s dreams and ideals.

Kim Il Sung advanced the Juche-oriented theory of socialism placing the people in the centre of all his thinking and practice and completed it in an all-round way. The Party has creditably carried on the socialist revolution by thoroughly embodying the Juche idea in the building and activities of the State, and provided the people with adequate conditions for an independent and creative life by stepping up socialist construction. Thanks to the leadership of the Party, the pioneer and guide of the cause of the people-centred socialism, a socialist system which develops by the united efforts of the people was established in Korea. There is no exploitation or oppression, people are the masters of everything and everything serves them. The Party sets it as an important policy to provide the people with rich and equal living conditions and improves their material and cultural standard of living without letup.

In Korea people exercise their rights as masters in all fields of social life. The socialist ownership and the principles of collectivism are steadfastly defended. The spirit of giving top priority to the people’s interests and conveniences and regarding them as absolute prevails in the whole society. They are gratis provided with houses by the State. They are enjoying the benefits of the state policies of universal free education and universal free medical care. Thanks to the benevolent politics of the Party, or all-embracing politics, they entrust to the Party their destiny and find pleasure in living in good harmony while helping and leading each other forward, firmly united around the Party. For this reason they hold dearer socialism which is their lifeblood and firmly defend it.

Victory and glory will always be in store for the Party.

Chae Mi Gyong