Stamp Marks Anniversary of Militia in DPRK

Stamp Marks Anniversary of Militia in DPRK

The State Stamp Bureau of the DPRK issued a new stamp in commemoration of the 55th anniversary of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards (WPRG).

The stamp shows members of the Guards who are replete with the will to thoroughly implement the policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) on putting all the people under arms and turning the whole country into a fortress.

The WPRG, founded on January 14, Juche 48 (1959) under the guidance of President Kim Il Sung, is a voluntary military organization of working people.

It serves as revolutionary armed forces of the WPK whose mission is to defend with arms the Party and the leader and the gains of the revolution from the enemies’ infringement.

The Bureau also brought out six stamps featuring vegetables and fruits.