Sports Facilities Built and Renovated.

The DPRK is building up the material foundations for the sports sector.

Over the past five years, one thousand and several hundred sports facilities have been built and more than 10 000 existing ones, repaired throughout the country, including gymnasiums, stadiums, training centres and sports parks.

Kim Il Sung Stadium and Taekwon-Do Palace have undergone a face-lifting, and a hostel for athletes was built and an auxiliary training hall has been added to the Weightlifting Gymnasium in the Sports Village in Chongchun Street in the capital city of Pyongyang.

A comprehensive municipal sports village, which consists of a gymnasium, artificial turf pitches, etc., sprang up on the banks of the Taedong River and the project of a municipal aviation club was brought to completion.

Jagang Province built a provincial gymnasium, Kanggye Ski Resort provided with beginners’ and intermediate ski slopes and sledge course, chair lift, etc., and a hostel for athletes.

A gymnasium and a juvenile sports school were built in Samjiyon City, and gymnasiums and sports parks conducive to promoting mass-based sporting activities built or renovated in Rason, Hoeryong and Haeju cities and several other regions of the country.