Songdowon Children’s Camp, Popular Worldwide

Songdowon is a scenic spot on the east coast of Korea. A camp was built there in August Juche 49 or 1960. It became the Songdowon International Children´s Camp in August Juche 74 or 1985. Since then, children from different countries also enjoy camping in Songdowon every year. International camping took place on 28 occasions until last year.

This year the Songdowon International Children´s Camp has greatly changed its appearance.

The beds and furniture in the bedrooms, ceiling lighting in the corridors and wall paintings of the camp buildings have been changed in conformity with the children´s sentiments.

The camp buildings have various service rooms, popular dance dissemination room, cooking practice room where campers prepare different foods with their own hands and birthday reception hall for those who greet their birthdays during camping. The International Friendship Children´s Hall has a theatre, mountaineering knowledge dissemination room, electronic amusement room, international friendship room, 4D Simulation Cinema and others. The campers enjoy a pleasant time there according to their hobbies and aptitudes. The aquarium, the aviary and the show room for stuffed specimens of animals give rich knowledge of nature. There the campers see various kinds of precious stuffed birds including goshawk, the national bird of Korea. At the aquarium, campers not only feel as if they are under the sea, but also touch with their own hands sea animals including a right-eyed flounder, scallop, trepang, mussel and starfish.
The artificial turf, the seats for spectators and the wave-like blue shade are in good harmony with the outdoor playground, and the gymnasium and the water park are wonderful as well. The archery field is also a favourite place of the schoolchildren. The camp in which modern facilities go well with the seascape is like a beautiful picture. Perhaps those who enjoyed camping here last year will not recognize it.

The Songdowon International Children´s Camp has greatly changed thanks to respected Marshal Kim Jong Un who loves the children most. He gave instructions on rebuilding the camp well in May last year and visited it on several occasions. On May the 2nd this year, he took part in the inaugural ceremony of the Songdowon International Children´s Camp and found himself among children all day long. He watched a football match, a congratulatory performance given by the famous Moranbong Band and fireworks together with the children.
The first-term camping of this year began on May the 10th under the warm care of Marshal Kim Jong Un for the children. Not only Korean children but also foreign children will come and deepen friendly feelings here in Songdowon.

Children of the 5 continents, please come to Songdowon. Songdowon is waiting for you.