The Song of Happiness Sung by the People

The Korean people love the song “We are the happiest in the world”. The song created in Juche 50 or 1961 represented the great happiness of the Korean people living harmoniously in a large family with the great Generalissimo Kim Il Sung as their father.

More than half a century has passed since its creation, but the song is still widely sung as a favorite song of many people.

The sky is blue and my heart is gay
The sound of an accordion rings far and wide
What a wonderful homeland we have
A land of harmony and brotherhood
Our father is Marshal Kim Il Sung
Our home is the bosom of the Party
We are all brothers and sisters
We are the happiest in the world.

The song truly represents the boundless admiration of the Korean people for the fatherly leader Kim Il Sung. The soft and mild melody of the song reminds the Korean people of the days when they lived happily under the socialist system established by him.

Kim Myong Sun in Wolhyang Dong, Moranbong District, Pyongyang, says:

“I sang the song a lot. I sang it when I learned to my heart´s content at the kindergarten and school without paying a penny under the benefits of free education. I also sang the song when I became a student of Kim Il Sung University everybody envied.

When I gave birth to my first baby at the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital and when I became a housewife, I sang it because the state benefits were so grateful. Really, I sing the song in happiness with gratitude all my life.”

The Korean people experienced gratitude in their life. They are leading a happy and proud life in a country which presents a policy for the people and spares nothing for the things the people like and in a country where everything serves them.

All the happiness and pleasure of the people were realized on this land where they lived with President Kim Il Sung as their father. That is why the people sing the song in happiness and gratitude generation after generation with a great pride of enjoying happiness on this land where the leader and the people form a large family.

“We are the happiest in the world”–it was a song of happiness that rang out in the Korean sky because the people had President Kim Il Sung as their father and it is a song of happiness that will be sung forever in the future, too.