Society Overflows with Noble Virtues and Affection

In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea where its people regard it as their ennobling virtues and traits to devote themselves for the sake of others, they are displaying many beautiful traits of regarding others’ pain as their own and helping and leading one another forward.

Tears of gratitude

One August day in 2022, Ri Song Min, who worked at the Hamhung City Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, visited the family of a couple of farmers at the Jungho Farm in Hoesang District, Hamhung City, South Hamgyong Province.

That day, he came across on a street their son who was suffering from speech disorders because of congenital disease. He asked them about medical treatment for their son. As he was told of their worries, he inspired them to cure their son’s disease at any cost together.

A few days later, he visited their home again and took them to the Hamhung Orthopaedic Hospital, saying that he found a way for treating the disease.

Medical workers at the hospital held several rounds of consultation to find a new surgical method suited to the patient’s conditions and made painstaking efforts for successful operation.

Officials in the city and district frequented the hospital to learn about his treatment. Doctors and nurses stayed up all night beside his bed. Thanks to their devoted efforts, the boy left the hospital with a beaming smile on his face.

Looking at the tenderhearted persons who took warm care of their son though they had different jobs and age and residence, his parents were moved to tears of gratitude for the socialist country overflowing with noble virtues and affection.

Grateful teacher

Not long ago, Kang Song Yon, teacher at Kangchol Primary School in Chollima District of Nampho City, was highly appreciated in the city for having created a new, excellent teaching method.

She visited Hong Sun Chol, her former teacher at Kangson College of Technology, to share her joy with him.

She got acquainted with him when she lost her parents the same day in an accident. At that time, he had been teaching at her school. He took her to his home, and she began to go to school at his home and later entered a college as she had wished.

Hong’s sincerity for his disciple continued unabated even after she has grown up. After he was transferred to Kangson College of Technology, Hong frequently visited her at dormitory to take meticulous care of her life. When she was appointed a teacher at Kangchol Primary School after her graduation from the college, he secured reference books necessary for her teaching and edification and walked even in dark nights to help her study a new teaching method for developing intelligence of her pupils.

Deeply moved by Hong, who has always led her with sincerity not only in her middle school and college days but today when she has become a teacher, Song Yon made a firm resolve to be an excellent educator like him all her life.

Going to school on teacher’s piggyback

It’s become commonplace for residents in Neighbourhood Unit No. 126 in the township of Kilju County, North Hamgyong Province, to see Kim Sol Gyong, teacher at Kilju Primary School in Kilju County, who carries her pupil Yun Yong Gyong to the school, piggyback, every early morning.

Yong Gyong had been unable to go out of her house because of her difficult physical conditions suffering from congenital disease. When she reached school age, her parents felt heartache. One evening, officials and teachers at a primary school visited them and asked them to pool efforts to bring up their daughter into a fine pupil. Her parents shed tears of gratitude for them.

From next day, Kim Sol Gyong, teacher in charge of her, began to come to her house early in the morning and take her to school, piggyback. All villagers also helped the teacher as they keenly felt the latter’s sincerity.

Along with the passage of time, well-wishers’ sincerity for the little girl is becoming ever stronger.

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