Socialism Represents Ideal of Mankind

Leaders and representatives of political parties from several countries aspiring after socialism gathered in the capital city of Pyongyang of the DPRK and adopted the Pyongyang Declaration Let Us Defend and Advance the Cause of Socialism on April 20, Juche 81 (1992). The declaration was signed by 70 political parties.

The red flag of socialism which had fluttered over the Kremlin in Moscow for over seven decades was pulled down on December 25, 1991. The adoption of the declaration was of paramount significance for the progressive peoples who witnessed this tragic event.

The popular masses becoming the genuine masters of society are the guarantee that will advance socialist society. Such a society makes a triumphant advance. This is a truth and reality proved by theory and practice.

The Pyongyang Declaration clarified as follows:

The progressive political parties aspiring after socialism expressed their absolute support and approval for the declaration, calling it a “genuine communist manifesto in the present times”.

The peoples around the world have ceaselessly struggled to support and defend socialism under the unfurled banner of the declaration.

Political parties, organizations and peoples in the former Soviet Union and other Eastern European countries expressed their strong yearning for the bygone years under socialism, and launched the movement for exposing the unreasonableness of anti-socialist sophistry and defending the exploits performed by their preceding leaders.

Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and many other countries in Latin America switched over to the road of anti-imperialist socialism, holding that capitalism can by no means be helpful to settling the pending issues of mankind.

Entering the 21st century, the financial and economic crisis in the US spiraled into the general crisis of the world capitalist system. This being the situation, the struggle for safeguarding the independent rights and interests of the working masses began to spread worldwide. The flames of the struggle that kindled in Wall Street of the US swept through more than 1 500 cities in over 80 countries, dealing a telling blow to capitalism.

Progressive political parties and figures in several countries that attached importance to the interests of the masses and aspired after their independent development won elections to come into power.

Politicians in the Western world who had trumpeted about “victory of capitalism” acknowledged the “end of capitalism” by themselves, and their attitude to socialism turned from criticism to admiration. According to a US media, the word socialism was the buzzword in 2015 in that country.

Transition from capitalism to socialism is a law-governed course of social development of mankind.

In September 2018 the Party of Socialists of Moldova and other political parties signed the declaration, with the result that the number of signatories increased to 310 as of today.

Socialism guarantees the ideal and future of mankind.