Smile Brightly.

On Mirae Scientists Street laid out in 2015 on the bank of the picturesque Taedong River for scientific and educational personnel in Pyongyang is the Phyongchon District Mirae Nursery.The nursery is amply furnished for upbringing of the children, their growth and intelligence development, including 50 rooms for children’s daily routine and others for their exercises and intelligence games, a wading pool and a medical room. Its corridor walls are bedecked with more than 400 pictures.It cares over 600 children up to four years old in the residential district, and its primary attention is to bring them up healthily.All its staff members are making sincere efforts to take good care of their health and provide adequate nutrition for them in a scientific way, and working out the daily routine to make children enjoy life in the nursery.It is also putting an emphasis on finding out children with talents through careful observation and correct analysis of them while they learn singing and dancing and playing intelligent games.Thanks to its effort, the nursery children, Kim Ju Won, Kim Kwon Hung and Ji Han Rim, won prizes at the Pyongyang Municipal Children’s Paduk Games held in autumn last year.