Sincere Gratitude for Our Benevolent Country

My family and my daughter’s have moved into new flats in Ryomyong Street on the same day.

That I have so far received countless benefits from the Party and state during my lifelong career as a lecturer at Kim Il Sung University, the highest institute of science and education, is more than I deserve, and this time I can hardly express my heartfelt gratitude for the great favour bestowed on us.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un puts forward us lecturers as genuine patriots and revolutionaries and bestows on us a privilege to enjoy the socialist civilization before others.

Cherishing his love and trust deeper in our minds, we will add continuous honour to our family of educationists by carrying out the Party’s plan of bringing about a radical change in education in the new century.

Kim Pom Ju, Professor and Doctor, lecturer at Kim Il Sung University

Our couple are both lecturers at Kim Il Sung University. We are married for less than two years, and this time we moved into the new flat provided with excellent living conditions and environment.

There are many countries and educationists in the world; however, there is none like ours in which educationists like us enjoy the supreme happiness free of charge.

We are determined to devote all our wisdom and energy to training able personnel to support this grateful socialist system with cutting-edge science and technology, and also prepare ourselves as competent educationists.

Kim Kwang Hyok, lecturer at Kim Il Sung University

It is as if I were in dream. Only a year ago my family had lived in a flat with a single room, and now we are provided with this palatial house free of charge. The moment I stepped into the house, I felt so grateful to the country that I was moved to tears.

I am well aware that it is absolutely impossible for ordinary workers like us in other countries to get such a wonderful house as ours however hard they would toil and moil throughout their life.

Now I am burning my heart with ardent zeal to devote my strength and wisdom to my country that takes care of all the families and spares nothing for their happiness.

Kim Kwang Chol working at the Western District
Public Building Construction Company