Short Course for Participants in 10th Congress of Youth League

A short course for the participants in the 10th Congress of the youth league was given in Pyongyang on April 30.

The short course dealt with practical issues to make the youth league perform with credit its role as the vanguard of the Workers’ Party of Korea in implementing to the letter the decisions of the 8th Congress of the WPK by bringing about a radical improvement in its work as required by the new stage of the developing revolution.

Ri Il Hwan, member of the Political Bureau and secretary of the WPK Central Committee, gave a lecture titled “On making sure that the participants in the congress fulfil their responsibility and duty in the struggle for the implementation of the decisions of the 10th congress of the youth league.”

The short course stressed the need for the youth league to regard establishing the unified leadership system of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un within itself thoroughly as its lifeline.

The speaker underlined the need to intensify the work for establishing the unified leadership system of Kim Jong Un, deeming it a vital issue related to the destiny of the youth league and the young people and a fundamental principle of the work and activity of the youth league.

The short course urged the participants in the congress to seriously accept the decisions of the 10th Youth League Congress as the supreme tasks of the Socialist Patriotic Youth League for carrying out the plan and intention of the Party Central Committee. It also called on them to focus on the work of the youth league with a determination to have loyalty and practical ability proved through practical struggle.

It also pointed to the need for the whole of the youth league to deeply study the letter sent by Kim Jong Un to the Congress and carry out the important tasks advanced in it so as to bring about a great revolutionary turn in the youth league work.