Shining Example of Great Woman Revolutionary

The life of the anti-Japanese heroine Kim Jong Suk is shining like the star as a paragon of great woman revolutionary in the hearts of the Korean army-men and people.

September 22 is the 65th anniversary of her demise. Greeting the day, the Korean people warmly recall the great revolutionary life of Kim Jong Suk who performed exploits for the fatherland and revolution.

Om Sun Sil, Merited Lecturer of the Korean Revolution Museum, says:

Kim Jong Suk grew up under the influence of revolutionary family in her childhood. She set out on the road of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle in her teens. During the struggle she kept the absolute faith that General Kim Il Sung is the destiny of Korea. Burning her heart with such faith and will, she actively defended the safety of President Kim Il Sung all her life. During the long, rigorous anti-Japanese armed struggle President Kim Il Sung found himself at battlefields almost every day and had to undergo dangerous crisis many a time.

Each time Kim Jong Suk pulled the trigger of the Mauser throwing herself like lightning to defend him at the risk of her life at a critical moment.

The following happened at the Hongqihe Battle in March Juche 29 or 1940.

Shooting the enemies Kim Jong Suk was sharply watching the surroundings of the headquarters.

Suddenly she found a group of enemy troops creeping to the ridge with the headquarters. It was a crucial moment. She ran in the opposite direction of the headquarters, drawing the enemy´s attention to herself. Arriving at a place quite far from the headquarters, she fired at the enemy.

The enemy troops screamed and were killed by the bullets fired by Kim Jong Suk who rescued the headquarters from danger. That time guerrillas heard ill-boding shots ringing on the ridge behind the headquarters and ran there with a beating heart. But it was after the stop of the gun report that they arrived there.

Taking them by hands, Kim Jong Suk said:

Don´t worry. The Commander is safe.

They were greatly surprised to see the shot holes in the enamelware on her knapsack. When she ran luring the enemy, two enemy´s bullets went through the enamelware. She didn´t know about the shot holes which greatly surprised the guerrillas. Without regard to the danger she underwent, she smiled with great pleasure and happiness only thinking that Commander Kim Il Sung was safe. Looking up to her, the guerrillas were moved to tears.

The anti-Japanese heroine Kim Jong Suk devoted her all only to the safety of the great leader Kim Il Sung either during the anti-Japanese armed struggle or in the days of building a new country after liberation.

Right after liberation the situation of the country was very complex due to manoeuvrings of the reactionaries. Kim Jong Suk regarded it as her first work to safeguard Kim Il Sung and performed the duty of lifeguard. She met commanding officers in charge of the guards every morning and discussed with them big and small problems arising in the defence of his safety one by one. When he came back to his residence, she became his lifeguard.

The following happened in early February Juche 35 or 1946 after liberation.

When Kim Il Sung was writing a report on the establishment of the Provisional People´s Committee of North Korea till late at night, guardsmen happened to see Kim Jong Suk standing outside, exposed to heavy snow. The guardsmen requested her to have a rest, but Kim Jong Suk said with a smile that she was accustomed to doing so since she fought in the mountains and so she could not help it.

Kim Jong Suk remained a patrol woman and guard without any rest and shift in safeguarding the safety of Kim Il Sung as she did during the anti-Japanese armed struggle.

The following happened some time after that.

Kim Chun Hui, lecturer of the Korean Revolution Museum, has this to say:

President Kim Il Sung had a talk with officials in his residence till late at night.

At that time Kim Jong Suk was standing there, offering them desserts. By the way, the rattle of shots was heard nearby and light went out. The room was as black as ink and in an unexpected situation the officials were tense and at a loss what to do.

But President Kim Il Sung said in a matter-of-fact tone:

“Nothing to be surprised. Some rats seem to be gnawing. Let us have a rest and then continue our talk.”

And he headed for the door. That moment Kim Jong Suk stood in the door, with Mauser in her hand. The officials were surprised to see her watching the darkness with stern eyes, unlike her, soft and kind, just before. She was literally a fortress defending his safety.

Indeed, the life of Kim Jong Suk was a great life in which she fought at the risk of her life to defend the safety of President Kim Il Sung and resolutely implement his line in the days of nation building as well as during the anti-Japanese war and brought up her son as the future leader of Korea for firm continuity of the revolutionary cause of Juche. Kim Jong Suk passed away at the age of 32 on September 22, Juche 38 or 1949. But she remains alive in the hearts of the Korean people forever.